10 – 5 Gallon (20″x30″) 4.3mil Mylar Bags & 10 – 2,000cc OxyFree Oxygen Absorbers With Freshness Pill/Eye for Dried Dehydrated and Long Term Food Storage

In today’s world of financial instability, food shortages, possible inflation and rising commodity prices Long Term Food Storage must be considered by any prudent individual or family. Mylar bags, when combined with 2000cc oxygen absorbers and 5 – 6 gallon buckets are considered the best way to store large quantities of food for 20 – […]

50 – 300cc Oxygen Absorbers for Dried Dehydrated Food and Emergency Long Term Food Storage

Each Bag contains 50 – 300cc oxygen absorbers. When used with proper packaging and sealing, the oxygen in the packaging is greatly reduced. Absorbers bring the oxygen level down reliably to .01% or less. These Absorbers are perfect when combined with one gallon (10″x14″) Mylar Bags or a #10 can. Benefits of using Oxygen Absorbers […]

Mountain House #10 Freeze-Dried Foods

With Mountain House products on hand and a one-burner stove or candle to heat water (cold water can be used in a pinch), you can still enjoy a hot, satisfying meal in less than 10 minutes. #10 Cans have the longest shelf life available…up to 25 years! Each can is coated with a protective enamel […]