5 Standout Concealed Carry Revolvers For Personal Defense

Semi-automatic pistols have ruled the roost when it comes self-defense guns in recent years, but concealed carry revolvers still hold there own when push comes to shove. The post 5 Standout Concealed Carry Revolvers For Personal Defense appeared first on Gun Digest.

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Free For All Friday 5-8-2015: Carry positions

I hate to talk about this kind of stuff but it still needs to be mentioned. I’m big on transparency so sometimes these discussions will come up. I fund the majority of this site via my own wallet. It makes money from ads, mind you, but it’s really just enough to pay the hosting fees. On top of that, a large majority of the internet uses ad blockers so I’m only getting ad revenue from a fraction of my visitors. As the traffic is growing, the hosting fees are rising and I’m looking for other ways to fund the site. One thing I was looking into was Patreon. …

Teacher Arrested in Kansas for Bearing Arms

Do we create a “safe” environment when we disarm teachers and force them to be defenseless? Or worse – arrest them? I think not. Not only is it unconstitutional to disarm our…


July 8th is the Official Day that OldNFO took over as the Main Editor of the gun Blog Black List, JayG, Kevin and myself joined up shortly afterward.Jay and Kevin went to work in the firearms and media industry leaving just myself and OldNFO.So please drop a comment to OldNFO for 4 years of stewardship, after taking over the reins from North who just had too many projects on his hands to be able to take care of this. He still posts from time to time, so also please drop him a thankee in the comments as well.Without him taking an idea and running with it, there would be NO Gun Blog Black List.Thankee OldNFO and Thankee North.Hopefully we will still …

Save Thousands on your Electric Bill

I’d like to welcome our newest sponsor – Solar City. When we sat down with our Solar City Rep he created a lease package for us that is going to save us Thousands of dollars on our…

Amazon Prime Day 2017 Gun Accessory and Outdoor Gear Deals

Amazon Prime Day is here, it’s Amazon’s biggest sale of the year. While Amazon isn’t very gun friendly, there are some pretty good firearm accessory and outdoor gear that’s on… Read More…

SIg P320 drop fire issues…

It appears there IS truth to the ‘rumor’ of Sig P320s firing when dropped…The Firearms blog picked up on it, HERE. And Guns.com posted Sig’s response, HERE.But Omaha Outdoors did their own test… Results below…Hopefully, Sig will take action to remedy this.h/t Gerry

The Best Way to Conceal Carry?

When people ask me, “what’s the best way to carry your conceal weapon”? I say in your back pocket, just like this guy. But for reals, what the heck? Read More…

Negligent Discharge Forensics By A YouTube Scientist

Wirty Dhore in the cut, that’s a scary sight: hahaha in this episode my dude is watching anime with the actual Dewalt tool and has a ND.  He does it again with an anime grip 1911 .  I love the care he took in setting up the scene. Thoughts? Negligent Discharge Forensics By A YouTube Scientist originally appeared on Everyday No Days Off – Gun Blog

Edwin Sarkissian Is The Ultimate Gun Video Shitposter

I clicked around this guy’s channel for a bit to see if anything has changed: His eponymous channel, Edwin Sarkissian now has a whopping 341,000 subscribers.  Incredible.  That video above, has 7.38M as in MILLION views.  I don’t know what happened to make that one so popular, because most others only have around 30k – 100k.  I see that in my first post on Edwin I while back, I called him “basically a less interesting Mattv2099 with an accent.”  LOL I say some wild stuff, it’s funny reading old posts.  My assessment still stands though.  Sadly Mattv2099 rarely makes videos now.  Isn’t there …

World War II vs. Today: Comparing the Soldier’s Load in Two Eras

With the soldier’s load growing beyond the bounds of reason, and the Army set to replace the M4 Carbine in some units with the new Interim Combat Service Rifle, questions have arisen about how the soldier’s burden has changed over time. In the comments section of several of my articles relating to these subjects, readers … Read More … The post World War II vs. Today: Comparing the Soldier’s Load in Two Eras appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

Mencken was right

“The trouble with fighting for human freedom is that one spends most of one’s time defending scoundrels. For it is against scoundrels that oppressive laws are first aimed, and oppression must be stopped at the beginning if it is to be stopped at all.” – H.L. MenckenSaying that in America even the most morally repugnant people have rights doesn’t mean you support anything about them, it just means you see the danger in allowing the majority to say “violence in response to speech is ok, so long as it’s done by people we like against people the majority deems “bad” That concept can quickly be turned against you in…


I’ve been staying away from the news a lot these days, because I think there are better, more fulfilling, more positive uses of my time.That said, these Berkeley Protests, Antifa etc. It just makes me sad. I see people on both sides who are consumed by a great deal of hate. Hatred consumes and fuels them. They project it out of themselves and outward toward the evil “other.” In fact, I think most “Social Justice Warrioring” boils down to this behavior. Well, this and professional victimhood.I have pretty much no respect for a great deal of political viewpoints, particularly of the “progressive” bent. But that doesn’t mean everyone who doesn’t think like me is stupid or evil or dangerous. I see …

Desert Tech MDR Hits Shelves

The day many of you have been waiting for has come (and gone): The Desert Tech MDR has finally been released to the US consumer marlet after more than four years of development. Desert Tech announced the gun’s official release in a monthly update on their website, citing the first delivery of the rifle made … Read More … The post Desert Tech MDR Hits Shelves appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

The Best Flashlight Stun Guns

Here is a list of the best flashlight stun guns. Most of these combine a super bright LED light along with the stopping power of a stun gun. 1. Bashlight Stun Gun. Pros: 120 Lumen Flashlight Small sleek design 4.7 milliamps of stopping power Lifetime Warranty Cons: Must be recharged. Safety switch must be on…Read the rest of this entry

The New Slider Stun Gun

Today’s technology electronics are becoming more and more compact, the new Slider Stun Gun shows just how this is accomplished. The slider stun gun is the smallest stun gun that you can buy today, but dont let its small size fool you. The slider has 3 million volts and 4.9 milliamps of stopping power. The…Read the rest of this entry


KLEPTOMANIA – STATUS & BLING “It was in 1816 that Swiss physician André Matthey identified and defined “klopemanie,” describing it as an impulse to steal things one didn’t need. Researchers who built on his work characterized it as a form of moral insanity, and many of them believed it was a condition that only affected women. For this reason, there were attempts to link its apparent prevalence among women to their biological nature. By the time Mary Ramsbotham appeared in court, tried for theft, her legal defense was able to successfully argue that she was suffering from a bout of menopause-induced …

Ranking the Top 5 Self Defense Products to Carry

Do you feel safe walking alone at night? Many people do not, especially women. In the U.S., 11% of men and 38% of women say they do not feel safe alone at night. Being... The post Ranking the Top 5 Self Defense Products to Carry appeared first on TBOTECH Security Blog.

Why a Video Surveillance System Is Key for Home Security

Everyone wants to feel safe in their own home. But homes without security systems are 300% more likely to suffer a break-in. So can you really afford to skip having a robust security system?... The post Why a Video Surveillance System Is Key for Home Security appeared first on TBOTECH Security Blog.

How to Learn Krav Maga Street Self Defense in the Comfort of Your Home

Krav Maga is an Israeli system of self defense. It is a no nonsense approach to protecting yourself and your loved ones on the street. You may have seen a form of Krav Maga in an action movie and not even realized it. Krav Maga will help you develop a reflex for personal protection. That means when you are face-to-face with a threatening situation, you react accordingly. It is a

Video: Bear Grylls Demonstrates What You Should Do During a Home Invasion

The Fundamentals Of Self-Defence Skills Development

This post is about learning self-defence and combative skills faster, better, retaining them longer and continuously improve them. Fundamentals first! The development of your combative skills should be based on a solid foundation of “fundamentals.”

Self-Defense And The Art Of Motorcycling

This post lists ten guidelines for safe motorcycling and draws the comparison to how those same principles can be applied to self-defense.

YouTube Channel for My Self Defense Blog

I would like to announce and explain about the “MySelfDefenseBlog” YouTube channel in this post. You know the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, well in this light – a video is worth ten-thousand words. I have had a youtube channel for years that I’ve used occasionally, but now after watching HEMA (historical european martial arts) videos for the last couple of years, a light bulb went off in my head – hey I can do that! In this post I will discuss the evolution of the blog to vlog on youtube while retaining the blog. Also the strengths and …

How to Throw a Knockout Punch for Self-Defense?

Way back when I was a kid watching Batman and Robin, I was trying to figure out how to throw a knockout punch. I figured from watching the shows that you had to pull your hand way back and swing as hard as you could! My childhood version of fighting was a bit off but I did know that knocking someone out was a good way to win a fight or in self-defense, live to fight another day. But on this website for years I have focused on those who did not know how to fight, trying to uplift them and motivate them to…

Here I am….

Hmmm, I really thought I’d written something here since October, but apparently I haven’t, shame on me 🙂 So here I am, back again, let me tell you what has been going on since Oct., that job I was working and LOVED, well it has fizzled, turns out there isn’t enough work for 2 people in this area, although the 2 of us seemed to be doing just fine, apparently the boss’ boss doesn’t agree. I am

Off. Grid in Austria steiermark, graz-umgebubg

Hello dear friends, I am looking to kind of community in Austria, Graz-umgebubg, Steiermark. I have good technical skills, and I employed working in Graz.  I would like to attend to a land were the off grid is welcomed ….. I ready for it …. Just looking for surrounding and possibilities.  Any ideas interest are welcomed ….can write me my here ….thanks!! The post Off. Grid in Austria steiermark, graz-umgebubg appeared first on Living Off the Grid: Free Yourself.

An Open Letter to The White Supremacists

Dear All of Y’all,You know if I’m talking to you.I’m crazy to stick my neck out like this and even address you.Most will likely disagree with me to say that I think society should have an open dialogue with you.Because you’re clearly unhappy, and we’ve got to live with you.And the consequences of your actions.So let’s have it out.First off, I wish there were no public square for us to fight over in the first place. Problem solved.If I want to take a statue down on my property, that’s my business. If you want to put a statue up on yours, that’s…

Summer Complacency

Todays topic was inspired by our buddy Commander Zero. He wrote about summer complacency recently and I have been meaning to do a post on the matter. First and foremost I think having our life focus be on something other than preparedness is a good thing. We should prepare to have peace of mind and protect what is important, not to have it dominate our lives. As I look at my journey in preparedness the times it was the biggest thing in my life I either had a void to fill or was focusing on preparedness to avoid unpleasant realities such as an unhappy failing marriage. Preparedness is a long term journey for most people. Like finances or fitness it is …