Solmeta Geotagger N3-c is camera GPS Receiver & Shutter Release for Nikon Df, D750, D610, D600, D7200,D7100,D7000, D5600,D5500,D5300,D5200,D5100,D5000, D3300,D3200,D3100, CoolPix A, P7800,P7700

Geotagger N3 is the Solmeta third gap camera GPS with E-compass and compatible with Nikon GP-1.
It provides latitude, longitude, altitude and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) data output.
With the supported cameras, GPS information will be directly embedded into the image’s EXIF.

Except provide basic GPS info to image as Nikon GP-1, Geotagger N3 has more features:
1. Fixed SPIRAL connection cable
The big difference of N3 is the fixed connect

$ 149.99

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