Paracord Fusion Ties – Backpack Edition: Bushcrafts, Bracelets, Baskets, Knots, Fobs, Wraps, & Storage Ties

Paracord Fusion Ties – Backpack Edition (PFT-BE) is specifically designed to provide a compact, backpack portable collection of step-by-step paracord knot and tie instructions (over 25 in all!). Perfect for survivalists, outdoor adventurers, creative campers, and paracord enthusiasts, PFT-BE features a wide ranging assortment of paracord fusion ties, sourced from three separate full-length books: Paracord Fusion Ties-Volume 1, Paracord Fusion Ties-Volume 2, and Paracord Project Inspirations. Gen

$ 9.08

Nikola Tesla Secret