Retevis RT21 Two Way Radio Rechargeable 16 CH UHF 400-480MHz VOX Scrambler Walkie Talkies (5 Pack) and 2 Pin Covert Air Acoustic Earpiece (5 Pack)

The reason you like the RT21;
The RT21 radio have the slight but stubborn radio body ,easy to carry for the family travel and team work,don’t worry the drop out for several times.High-quality 2 pin headset with great transmission and work well for a long time.Don’t need to buy the extra belt clips, antennas,batteries. It comes with free.Once ordered,enjoy long time using.

Compare with H-777,RT7 radio,RT21 2 way radio has the following advantages:
Built-in Scrambler: The scrambler fe

$ 115.99

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