Wow! SOG Force Survival Knife Review – Best Survival Knife Under $100?

Wow! SOG Force Survival Knife Review - Best Survival Knife Under 0?

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  1. Hey man check your links the? one for sog force fixed blade it take you for partially serrated sog force I spend 6 hours to find the fixed edge blade but did not wound anything that’s why I asked where did you get yours your links wrong!!!

  2. UltimateSurvivalTips says:

    Maybe next summer… It’s really? pretty easy… but I need A LOT more practice… Take care bro! ~David

  3. UltimateSurvivalTips says:

    Hey… thanks Kevin? for the heads up… I’ll check the links… Thanks for the encouragement and support bro. Take care man! ~David

  4. UltimateSurvivalTips says:

    There? should be a link in the video description to one on Amazon with a fine edge. Hope this helps! ~David

  5. UltimateSurvivalTips says:

    Some gear I purchase, Now… much is provided by companies… good thing or I’d? be broke. Good question. Thanks! ~David

  6. KrazyxRecon says:

    Do you purchase and keep all of these knives or are? they donated buy the company brand?

  7. Kevin Bos I have the same story here can’t find none serrated blade.? What’s going on?

  8. Kevin Bos says:

    I wanted the force but the force versions online are Force SE38-N the non serrated version i cant find and it is without the N. I did not purchase. The description is for the serration but the photos? are for the non serrated blade, lame!

  9. Hey man Where did you order yours give? me a link because I can’t find it any where with strait fine edge I rely don’t like serrated blades????

  10. Kevin Bos says:

    I greatly appreciate your reviews of knives, I feel like i am understanding why blades are designed how they are and what their purposes are? for.
    On another note several of your links dont work correct because you posted like the SOG Force for Amazon is missing the “H” in h t t p. I wanted to suport you by going thru Amazon but i figured out to add the h so the link worked.
    Thanks again!

  11. BJParker97 says:

    I have a KA-BAR USMC straight edge and a SOG SEAL team. With the KA-BAR I have a glass filled nylon sheath and SOG SEAL team has a? Kydex sheath. Will they rust if i leave? them in there? If they do what do you suggest I leave them in?

  12. Would love to see you review the SOG Tech Fixed Bowie, I just picked one up for a general camping/survival knife. Was the best I could find local for the budget of $150 or less.?

  13. wjc34est12 says:

    David, you should do a how to video on how to throw knives even though i already know? how but you seem to be pretty freaking awesome at

  14. UltimateSurvivalTips says:

    Oh… no comparison… the SOG Force for bushcraft. The SEAL Pup is more of a Tactical Combat knife? that could be used for survival. But for batoning… it’s a bit small. GREAT knife… just not for Bushcraft as much as the Force… Plus Serrations can get in the way of fine work. Hope this helps! ~David

  15. Jayden anderson says:

    what would you prefer for a shelter making? and bushcraft knife alongside a hatchet, this or the sog seal pup?

  16. UltimateSurvivalTips says:

    Hey Glen… Thanks for the encouragement! Actually in 2013 – Kershaw selected us as one of 10 reviewers they are going to send knives too… so I’ll be doing some Kershaw reviews in the future… We’re already on SOGS list of reviewers… was there some model in particular… Maybe I already have it? here… Thanks for the suggestion! ~David

  17. Best survival reviews by far! ? Thorough and informative. Keep it up. BTW, can you review some of those bargain Kershaws and SOG’s being sold at Wal-Mart for the holidays? Take care and God Bless.

  18. brettbrabble says:

    @Stratos Kokolakis well the bear grylls knife has a builg in firestarter and is cheaper but its? your choice

  19. Mrkungfuer21 says:

    Could you do a review on the gerber prodigy? And one more question do? you prefer sog or gerber?

  20. Stratos Kokolakis says:

    this knife in this review or the? Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival fine edge knife…pls HELP!!!

  21. UltimateSurvivalTips says:

    Thanks for the comment. Glad you found the review to? be helpful! Take care. ~David

  22. Kara Power says:

    Great? reviews! This was really helpful, Thank You!

  23. UltimateSurvivalTips says:

    Grind is simply the angle at which each side of the blade is cut. Most survival knives have somewhere around a 40 degree blade angle… or a 20 degree grind on each side of the blade. Hope? this helps…

  24. Valtteri Salakari says:


  25. UltimateSurvivalTips says:

    Thanks? bro! ~David