Woodsmonkey “perfect survival kit” contest entry


Nikola Tesla Secret


  1. Bob Smith says:

    It definitely sounds? like you have gone out and tested this stuff.

  2. JDBriceProductions says:

    I bought a pack of military desert scarfs some ages ago. I keep one of those in my car, backpack, locker at work and several for winter use. They can also be? cut into several bandana-sized swatches and make a great sling for injuries or food. I’m guessing it would be much the same as a shemegah?

  3. BernhardOelreich says:

    Apparently, the contest was? limited to 20 items.

  4. afterthefox71 says:

    this bag can’t be used for long walks because? you’ll have to switch from shoulder to shoulder. sore shoulders.?

  5. beast12101 says:

    have you read the rules to this contest. 20pc first aid kit, and thats it your 20 pc? survival kit is done

  6. John Brzostoski says:

    why? no fist aid kit?

  7. greymajickjedi says:

    VERY true! Knowledge = power! You guys? probably already know Codi Lundin’s tagline: “The more you know, the less you need”.

  8. greymajickjedi says:

    Wise decision! i? can’t afford that, so i’m thinking either a decent slingshot with the heavy duty band; or a small bb gun, some tanks, and ammo.

  9. greymajickjedi says:

    No one’s ever heard of the Fox 40 whistle???? They’re $5, come in black, blaze, and glow-in-the-dark, and are so ungodly loud, you seriously HAVE? TO COVER YOUR EARS before you blow into it.

  10. dropping some? cash

  11. brian gillman says:

    that is not much? of a survival kit i have at least 10 of those items on my belt and in my pockets at all times

  12. beast12101 says:


  13. johnnyViDeO says:

    Good kit and? well thought-out. Was a gun permitted?

  14. beast12101 says:

    sure, I just didnt own one at? the time of the video

  15. Desertdweller1965 says:

    What about changing the bandanna with a shemegah? It? works for many uses, shoulder sling for carrying stuff, head wrap, hobo bag…

  16. beast12101 says:

    it all adds up, this contest? was 20 pc , so one gun and 9 rounds is ten items,

  17. 3lricofM3lnibon3 says:

    You don’t have to be Tony Stark to build a compass, so the need for a “bulletproof” tritium lensatic compass is greatly exaggerated, any moderately priced map compass will do. More important? is the skill and practice of map reading, azimuth shooting and identifying terrain features.

  18. whatupted says:


  19. Muskrat Jim says:

    Looks good!?

  20. Grift Wood says:

    You ‘survival? kit’ may allow you to survive for 5 days at most. All your shit you have is independible. Who ever rated you the best survival kit is a retard.

  21. Grift Wood says:

    You idiot, you carry the saber saw and that pussy thing you call a knife around which you say will save calories carrying which is true but when it comes that you have to build a? shelter your gonna be using as much calories to build it and cut it with that saw then when you have a axe it takes a couple of chops and it can bring a tree down in less than 10 minutes

  22. neocaos420 says:

    Its? a metaphor meaning its reliable durable dependable and would last a life time i would hope some one would not try and literally shoot the compass . When Enduring and surviving out in the woods you need things that are “Bullet Proof”.

  23. NativeEskimoGuy says:

    bullet proof? compass?