Wilderness Survival Tips : What to Put in a Survival Kit

Wilderness Survival Tips : What to Put in a Survival Kit

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  1. This is how he protects? his virgenity

  2. you can biul water in? a two liter plastic bottle

  3. landon hughes says:

    You? dont

  4. How do you boil water without a pot lol?

  5. PrOKiLLeR473 says:

    Can you give me the link? to your knife with multi tools

  6. Edmund0804 says:

    Check out:? (Amazing Survival Equipment All-Weather Fire Starter) on youtube.

  7. Semper Fidelis says:

    my person pack is
    -Knife w/ fire starter
    -water bottle (mine has a cooking? and measuring cup attachment
    -Bow w/ different strength stings and arrows
    -first aid kit
    -waterproof hiking backpack
    -Flare and lantern/flashlight
    -other essentials

  8. Semper Fidelis says:

    Yeah? cause that works for people who live in the middle of the country

  9. m2mfan4eva says:

    Yeah, just casually carry? a boat on your back whenever you’re hiking in the woods (y)

  10. kevin tornez says:

    i? love monica

  11. kevin tornez says:


  12. CharlieZebraShades says:

    His water bottle said girl? just wanna have fun…

  13. AsasinationzStudio says:

    Yes,? but it isn’t essential.

  14. AsasinationzStudio says:

    Wow really? Rather? than at least trying you would just give up instantly?

  15. IceInCali says:

    if youre in a survival situation and youre all alone,? all you need is a gun and one bullet

  16. KatnissEverdeenOF says:

    What about? sunscreen?

  17. dunstalker says:

    not everyone lives besides the sea coast or a? big lakes

  18. Christian Morgan says:

    You know what the most overlooked survival need is? Transportation! Think horses, SAILBOATS. A? used sailboat is cheaper than a used car, some free in this economy. You can LIVE on a boat, and use it to sneak away to another land. Get a 24′ or larger “seaworthy” one so u can actually travel. Take a boating course. Get a seawater to drinking water converter u have all u need (if u fish!) see? Why is this not brought up- SECRET!

  19. elijah0815 says:

    seriously, no? bug spray? in the woods..

  20. Philippe Calinisan says:


  21. CandyCaneChild100 says:

    I just? bring a knife.

  22. jacob davies says:

    more like a kit for when your in your back? yard

  23. chris hession says:

    im no expert but this is what i take when im deep woods hunting… knife, fire steel, compas maps, my? bush wacking skills can do the rest

  24. baron8107 says:

    I’m not an expert, I’m just putting this out here to see wether or not it’s right.
    -Flare gun, bright shells some thrown flares too.
    -Small handgun, ammunition (something light but that same time something that can put down a bear).
    -Radial light such a lantern or large, brightly colored glow stick (bright and white is what you’re looking for, don’t get anything too heavy.
    First aid kit, put flexibility? over weight but, don’t go overboard.
    -other obvious essentials.