Wilderness Survival Kit, Maxpedition Sabercat, Equip 2 Endure

Wilderness Survival Kit, Maxpedition Sabercat, Equip 2 Endure

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  1. Thomas Adams says:

    I’ve been looking for the German flecktarn shelter half online for quite awhile now, and I’m having absolutely no luck finding it, would you or anyone be willing to help me by providing a link possibly?

    P.S. I’ve been to all the military surplus stores in my area and no-one has it or knows what im talking about when I describe the article to them.

  2. scott stevenson says:

    something you might want to add to that pack. its a Russian company i believe, but its called. expedition, and us there survival kit, it is actually a? knife, fork, can opener, saw and a fillet knife, great for around the camp

  3. galen long says:

    I just watched the video again, and one? thing I thought about concerning the suspenders is construction works tool bags are starting to come with a padded suspender system, why not adapt something like that to the sabercat. Thats something to bring up to the guy who owns maxpedition, since what do you do with the sabercat ? It carries all the tools you need to help you affect your survival. Just an Idea.

  4. Ben Tomlin says:

    Hey Adam I? noticed you said you don’t buy from LA Police Gear anymore, any particular reason?

  5. you are such? a champ bro! keep up the good work

  6. wikieditspam says:

    Nice flecktarn.?

  7. 0351dragons says:

    you can replace that? old cork with a rubber washer like the ones in a hose

  8. Mike Beale says:

    7:50 Getting those for the Wife;? she works on her knees a lot XD

  9. derekmillerM says:

    Great vid. I too am spending a lot of time in the? bush lately studying everything from fire starting methods/material, shelter building, tree and plant identification, wild edibles, bush crafting …etc. great choice on canteens, I have the same and have used it quite abit now, works great, just a little heavy and I can’t get rid of the surplus-store-smell either. I’m learning lots from your vids, please keep them coming, much appreciated!
    $12 for your canteen? In Canada it’s about $25. You Am

  10. RAPIDZ127 says:

    15. 34?

  11. TheSmackfan101 says:

    For water? filtration, you should try the $20 “lifestraw” available at bass pro.

  12. carl whiteley says:

    where do yo buy your paracord? i buy mine from camping survival

  13. 1diesel13 says:

    do you ever carry zip ties? they come in very useful I usually carry about 20 in my pack I use them to hold up hunting? blind and other stuff

  14. I missed why you don’t buy from LA Police Gear? I have recently been buying some things from them and haven’t? had issues. I just wanted to know if I should look out for something.

  15. Equip2Endure says:

    I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and opinion with the E2E viewers and I hope you continue to do so. Sharing / Learning from each other is good thing.? Thanks for watching and be safe

  16. nielsegense says:

    I usually agree with most of the views represented in the E2E videos. However, I? always teach people never to have any clothing, tarps, rope, bedrolls or liners on the bottom of their packs. The bottom of your pack is what you usually set it on. Things’ll break, wear and get unnecessarily messy. When you bed down at night you want a dry, clean place to sleep…

  17. caseyjeffreyjones says:

    Just wondering why? you like the wetterling axe so much… I’m considering buying one but I’ve heard nyglass handles are much better. I just don’t want to spend 100 on it and have the end come off or break. What do you think?

  18. carl whiteley says:

    hey adam would you mind telling me what is the difference between a sabercat? and the maxpesition protus versipack ?

  19. LeanDreMPeters says:

    hey adam! what do? you think about A-tac camo?.. notice you got mostly digi-acu stuff

  20. joseph smelker says:

    tree identification? is hard stuff

  21. themoodybobbyable says:


  22. themoodybobbyable says:

    I lay tile for living find? dealt knee pads and dip or paint properly warn will not slide down a comfortable to work in all day

  23. The best part about your reviews is that your equipment is used – dented, burnt and obviously taken out in the field. Can’t stand reviews where guy pulls something out and it is still in the plastic from the store!

    Anyway, if you have the time in future reviews, can? you type in the description box some of the names of equipment you describe? Some of the names like “petzl” are hard to figure out when you say them and I go to search!

    Now to see if you have reviewed the monsoon gearslinger

  24. SargeantMendez says:

    Hey adam what kind of? knife is the one you first hold up?

  25. SargeantMendez says:

    If you dont mind why dont you buy? from LAPG? Whats the back story on that? Again if you dont mind me asking.