What is a “Survival knife”?

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  1. thanks man! I’m gonna join the RM? soon so I wanted to get some survival/combat knives!
    thnx for the help

  2. Yes they are a p.i.t.a.? Even with all the fees for training and then yearly permits you have to be actually be returning from “legal” hunting fishing or trapping activities to avoid be charged with carrying a deadly weapon in an automobile (Connecticut). Theres a different section of the law for carrying it on your person, although it reads pretty much about the same. In New York its worse, as local laws also apply in addition to state laws.

  3. ModernOutdoorsman says:

    No offense but that is one of many reason I have never wanted to or tried to live in the NE part of the US along with all the extra taxes. Nice part of? the Country to visit though.

  4. Its pretty? much illegal to have a blade more than 4 inches in length in your car in several Northeast States unless you have a fishing hunting and trapping license AND you are in the process of fishing hunting or trapping, Hiking does not count.

  5. ModernOutdoorsman says:

    Check out STKR knives, good quality custom made to order knives? – TMO

  6. ModernOutdoorsman says:

    Have? bought several from them, good blades – TMO

  7. BigRooster747 says:

    Get a good custom knife made from good quality steel, heat treated and deep cooled.Such as the Special Operations Knife (SOK) made by Hill Knives and in use with the NL commando force. It’s long, light and sturdy. Heated/drawn twice and deepcooled to minus 170; ATS 34. Most survival knives a far too thick in the spine (mostly 1/4 or so).? 5mm is thick enough, it will become a prybar with a sharp edge otherwise, as most socalled survival knives are these days.

  8. Dakota Burns says:

    i see you like the? ontario machetes. You should take a look at the schrade outback series, i think it will tickle your fancy

  9. gtrefghuk says:

    Check out the “khukuri house”. They’re the real deal. Affordable. Made for heavy, hard use. Khukri house? makes the khukris for the Gurkhas.

  10. Plastikdoom says:

    I carry and use my K-bar, full size with the regular? leather stacked handle. I got it a decade ago, and stood up to plenty of hard use hunting and camping ever since. I love the K-bar personally, and I choose it based on it being proven by the Marine Corps since WWII. Now I carry my K-bar bayonet when out hunting and camping, same great knife, just bigger and I can put it on my rifle, lol. I found out about the K-bar bayonet during my 5 years in the Corps, I love the thing.

  11. ModernOutdoorsman says:

    It’s called a Gerber “Big Rock” Camp knife? – TMO

  12. LoboWarriorForever says:

    4:12 What knife is that? You? said Gerber but not the name.

  13. ModernOutdoorsman says:

    Oh ya! they can take a beating, try the Gurkha house to find a good quality hand made? one – TMO

  14. paulie4x1 says:

    So I bought bot of them at a pawn shop at a great? price $ 50.00 for both, I enjoyed your video.

  15. paulie4x1 says:

    I have an older Blacked Colins heavy duty machine made by OKC great chopper at 22″ with D-guard handle, sometimes I wish it was the shorter size, but regardless it does the job
    I also have a Khukuri from HHimalayain Imports, at 18″ OAL, it is a bit heavy, so I had my M43 Khukuri custom sized smaller to 15″ OAL, that deferencislly tempered 5160 steel is one of my favorite choppers now, I also saw Loss try to distruct? that inexpensive knife so I bought one too. And I also seen the M 9 vs. AK 47

  16. Kukris are now mainly combat knives for Gurkha warriors fighting in Afghanistan right now. I have heard great things about it. But, I would? like to know if it can take rough use or heavy duty. I know that some kukris are designed well but I dunno where I can buy them

  17. ModernOutdoorsman says:

    It’s called a rough use knife and it appears that they have discontinued it. That was not a smart move on their part; it was the best inexpensive knife? I have ever seen. I have seen them in military surplus stores; don’t know the brand but it was a “clip point” rough use knife. Hope this helps – TMO

  18. LordDunleavy says:

    You do not mention the name of the? $9.99 bargain knife. Cheaper than dirt has no $9.99 knives. So what’s the name and make so we can find it please?

  19. crazycawcasionify says:

    I really like how you showed different types of blades instead of saying one is the best. I have both a kukri and an ontario but I like the Ghurka more,due to the hacking/slashing. The funny thing is when me and my pals are out hunting and I will have my kukri,they dont expect it? because they will have the standard machete. I really do appreciate the video and good luck to you.

  20. ModernOutdoorsman says:

    Thank you! It’s really neat to see that? we are reaching across the Globe. Hope our channel helps – TMO

  21. kermitttt says:

    When i firs saw your vid was thinking ” another huge guy will play rambo saing bout blades”, but your saing very smart and importand things. There are many kind of blades, depending bouth? situation. I take diferend knives, depending what activiti im planing. And always have my victorinox in my trouses belt. Sry for my english, and salut frome Poland.

  22. All my best knives were free. It’s surprising what people throw out.?

  23. ModernOutdoorsman says:

    That one I got through a clearing of used military knives from overseas out of smokey mountain knives but you can go the kuri house dot comm. my wife bought me a new one from there that is very nice.? – TMO

  24. where did you get the khukuri? I’ve been looking for? one.

  25. druidenwerk says:

    Nice Collection , /| ?