Warning: Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife FAIL!

Warning: Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife FAIL!

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  1. Oozy9Millimeetah says:

    Notice that this is an old and fixed problem, that was only on the first gen? of these knives

  2. Isaias Reyes says:

    Stupid u acsually don’t know? how to use it

  3. i just bought this knife? and only used ones so let see how its goes. i like it more then ka-bar.

  4. EVERYDAYDGF says:

    Bought one of these knife’s and never had a problem…?

  5. racerx82big says:

    i bought the bg gerber saw and went out in the yard when i got it home and cut one little pine branch and the blade snapped into 3 pieces..?

  6. bluecollarcanuck says:

    Cheap alloy crap with reality-show hype= garbage on the market.
    My Bear MGC folder= less than $50, has held an edge consistently for 10 years.
    Same? for Spyderco (Japanese steel). I’d also rely on my still-functioning Leathermans rather than shyte Gerber alloy materials used in their multitools.

  7. nonickerson says:

    Im glad? they fixed them

  8. conflictsofinterests says:

    Doesnt take a rocket scientist to have a peek at that knife on store shelves and think, yeah right… Looks like a monopoly version of a knife. I love my gerber rubber handled pocket knife and my gerber inward curving machete/gator,? I would count them on my top 10 things to have in the wild. But gerber went way off base with this BG series. Im sure they meant well and all, I dont care how well they even work, Im not going to be the idiot showing up to a hike with 10lbs of orange BG gear.

  9. conflictsofinterests says:

    True, but more like, IF it has a famous name on it its very likely crap… I cant think of 3 things that were endorsed by famous people and worth a darn… Im sure there was, just that the sheer? number of famous BSers makes it a needle in a haystack wild goose chase.

  10. i purchased one of these for my son. about 12 months ago. it broke as you have shown on the first day he owned it without? any significant impact. I am pleased to hear there may have been a recall. i will contact them and find out. Thanks untill now i thought we just got a dud.

  11. they fixed thise problem a long time? ago.

  12. jccrazyful says:

    Just because it has a famous persons name on it dosn’t mean that? it’s a good product

  13. shannonandsheila1 says:

    never take a? knife like this serious

  14. GsBBoyDan says:

    335 fanboys.?

  15. Leif Pikkarainen says:

    Uhhhh no its actually meant? to be a pommel….just because you can hammer nails with the handle it doesent mean you should

  16. tommynogwat says:

    but that knife is?

  17. neatlyluis says:

    But remember a knife is not make to be a? hammer

  18. saladfork8 says:

    Quality is quality cheep plastic crap? made in China hyped by a “Celebrity” is cheep crap from Chine with a higher retail price. Pay for quality. Wood handles are replaceable, make your own, high quality steel lasts for lifetimes.

  19. livinthelife4848 says:


  20. livinthelife4848 says:

    They made a new model and they focused on the pamal so now it’s really good and oh yeah they also have a one that folds but u probs already know so bye the new model it is so much better?

  21. Equip2Endure says:

    Thank you for Subscribing!? Glad to hear you are enjoying the videos – more to come.
    Take care

  22. Equip2Endure says:

    Thank you, I appreciate the support! Glad to have you? as a subscriber and look forward to “seeing” you around the channel and E2E Website. Take care

  23. Simon Worth says:

    I have the ultimate knife with serrated edge. So far the knife has handled well and nothing has broken. To what extreme did you use the knife when the? hammer end broke off?

  24. DrowDove3 says:

    Thank you both Equip2Endure? and Gerber; E2E for being truthful, objective, and watching out for the customer and Gerber for fixing the materials flaw. I’m in the market for a lifelong multitool, good lifelong heavy blades, and good survival knives (for me and my boys) and I DO A LOT OF RESEARCH before buying so I subscribed to your site (you handled the Gerber/Grylls situation well).

  25. Johnny Appleseed says:

    Subbed ya, bro.? Great videos !