Urban Bug Out Bag (Part 1)

Urban Bug Out Bag (Part 1)

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  1. KankukanAikido says:

    My dear friend! Thank you for the videos! I love your style in making these videos. Much more professional than any else. I’ll post these links to my Prepper Italian group ^_^. Please continue in making such a good work which help all us!

    I use a mix of Rush 24 + Maxpedition Proteus… i’ve decided so because even if i’m a strong guy, i understood that weight is incredible if? you’re making long trips. So i divided the bag in two portions!

  2. gordontubbs says:

    Thank God for Prepper Rednecks…. ANNNNDDDDD….. Prepper? Hipsters? lol. Urban Baby!!!

  3. banatserbia says:


  4. This is the best bug-out bag video on Youtube I’ve ever seen. You are a very organized and intelligent individual with a well put together pack. ? Thanks for the great info – I’m impressed.

  5. TheUrbanPrepper says:

    Sweet! I’m honored.?

  6. TheUrbanPrepper says:

    LOL! Thanks. My BOB is pretty organized, but my sock drawer is a complete? mess! I may need to invest in some more Eagle Creek storage bags… 🙂

  7. PrepperJim says:

    You are the most organized prepper I’ve ever seen. I am embarrassed to look at my bug out bag now. ;-)?

  8. 97aventador says:

    out? of all my 114 subs, you still remain at the top of my list

  9. TheUrbanPrepper says:

    Thanks for the? support. I really appreciate it. 🙂

  10. TheUrbanPrepper says:

    The link? to the PDF is available in the description section of this video. If you have trouble downloading it, send me a private message with your email address and I will send it your way. Thanks!

  11. Craig Luckmann says:

    I want the PDF!? this is great. How do I get it?

  12. Well the MRE will have the necessary calories and nutrients? for you, but (depending on the menu) may not taste as good. I would go MRE, nutrition over petty taste. IMO though you should have at least 7 days of food.

  13. joseph Salsky says:

    Hey guys, im a new prepper and i have a quick question, please respond? :).
    should i carry 2 mres for my BOB , or several cliff bars and snickers? Thanks.

  14. River Pond says:

    Just curious about your bug out library– What books do you recommend? other than the SAS survival handbook? Thanks a lot.

  15. Cessna152N says:

    People use some common sense and quite bitching about his bag, in a situation where people have to bug out it won’t matter what bag you use. Any idiot can see that any bag big enough to fit supplies will likely have things they need in it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a worn out? surplus Alice, a Walmart school bag, or a pack like he’s using. The people who would attack you won’t care about the bag, they will know you have something that will help their survival, even if it’s only food and water.

  16. TheSiLas78 says:

    I reviewed ALL of? your videos.
    Most impressed you can tell you did your homework.
    1) Should NEVER be so reliant on electronics.
    2) Stay up to date on vaccination record (HEP series,etc)
    3) ALWAYS CARRY EXTRA PAIR OF BOOT LACES OR SCRAP LEATHER (to make laces,belts,Heavy repair on ruck gear,etc.)
    4) Make it a habit to walk and use your ruck and gear to perfect your JIC.
    example: multiple rescue whistles,electronics,can openers,etc???
    If it don’t have multi use Drop it. x2? leave one

  17. SroEpicness says:

    I’m just starting my SHTF Bug Out bag. Can you tell me what you think of the following (Listed are in Amazon cart)?:
    1. 100 ft of Rothco Type III Commercial Paracord, 2. Blackhawk SOLAG HD gloves w/ kevlar, 3. SOG Seal Pup Elite, 4. S&W Border Guard 2, 5. Smith’s Pocket Pal Multi-Function sharpener, 6. 27L 17″ Rucksack, 7.? SOG B61 Specialty Knives and Tools.
    I will get a good flashlight, thermal blankets, HAM radios, water filters, and a trauma pack.
    Any more suggestions? Thanks

  18. daneguitarist1 says:

    you are going to get mugged… and look ridiculous and obviously holding eq someone else will want… be safe, fit in?

  19. coreypnason says:

    I love his desgin but no good food? suplies

  20. Theodore Irelan says:

    I just made a video of my? Bug Out Bag if anybody wants to check it out.

  21. TheUrbanPrepper says:

    Thanks! I believe the maps are shown in Part? 2. 🙂

  22. MARK MCDOWELL says:

    nice autobot? symbol by the way you should get maps considering that your gps fails

  23. TheUrbanPrepper says:

    The velcro patches are for YouTube purposes only. I suppose I should add an annotation in the video.? 🙂

  24. TheUrbanPrepper says:

    Are you referring to the SAS survival pouch? The whistle is a VERY small and lightweight item that could be invaluable in an emergency. My? Food compartment has lots of food in it.

  25. TheUrbanPrepper says:

    Thanks for the comment. The patches on the outside are for YouTube purposes only. So it will basically be just a large black backpack. I don’t think it matters what kind of backpack it is in, for the most part. If I had everything stored in a cheap army surplus or Walmart backpack I feel that it would also be prone to stealing. I can’t control that, but I can use protection if needed. I did not read anything during Superstorm Sandy regarding people stealing backpacks? from each other.