Ultimate Glock Torture Test

Ultimate Glock Torture Test

Nikola Tesla Secret


  1. FPSRussia says:

    For your entertainment.?

  2. ImtheReaper234 says:

    wy? would you take a $500 glock and kill it?

  3. get? a walther p99 and make a review about it

  4. FPSRussia says:


  5. FPSRussia says:

    The 3k one is the Nighthawk I used 2 videos ago,? I got the TRP for around $1100.

  6. Anarchy2010 says:

    You have some pretty crazy ups on that trp? Those usually go for 1,400-1,500 NIB,? or was the $3k 1911 a different one?

  7. Tactividz says:

    A worthy sacrifice for a? good point

  8. donbolhone says:

    OMFG WHAT? ARE YOU DOING?! A brand new gun already scrachted and shit…

  9. 3:00 GUN-CEPTION!?

  10. ben vannoy says:

    how much for the? glock???

  11. EmuPlainzBOi says:

    wtf culd the gun go off when he was banging? the shit out of it?

  12. Keelan Pearman says:

    Epic, I’m atcually using this for history homework

  13. JetFusion626 says:

    gun? BBQ!!

  14. JetFusion626 says:

    gun music.? killing a gun with another gun. damn xD

  15. warriorM14 says:

    You are my hero Russians ROCK!!!!!!!?

  16. FPSRussia says:

    I dont hate glocks, I? like them a lot 😛

  17. fps? is sooo fucking funnnyy!!!!!

  18. are you going to do a video? simmaler to big wet jugs

  19. kakigadol123 says:

    plz? do a vid of desert eagle

  20. This is a? piece of art man! keep the videos coming! 🙂 u are the greatest

  21. Chirayut Wattanawongwisut says:

    Will? it blend?

  22. Will MacLeod Jr. says:

    HE Hates the glock
    Gold? Deagle FTW

  23. FPSRussia says:

    It? wasnt loaded haha

  24. MRandMSnannerPANTS says:

    the russian? hammer

  25. Glock*?