Three Basic Handgun Types

Three Basic Handgun Types

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  1. fetalalien1369 says:

    Education and? fun.

  2. florintheps3boy says:

    what is the safety for??

  3. I carried a .357 S&W for 28 years and have carried a Glock 9mm for the last 4 years (DOD Security, Aviation Plant). I’ve trained young men and women since 1983. Growing up “on the farm” with guns I took a lot for granted. A good info vid, like this one is priceless for people new to firearms. I’ve seen armed guys who’ve been on the job for years that could learn from this simply because they never “thought about it”. I know a couple people I’m forwarding this? to! Thanks.

  4. Hteam1422 says:

    I read your comment in a southern? accent and it sounded awesome

  5. gainthesummit says:

    Excellent primer on handguns.? Looking forward to learning more from your other videos.

  6. Roy Jones says:

    His videos got me? interested in guns

  7. CarsandGuns66 says:

    Does anyone know of a DA/SA revolver that looks just like a SA revolver? I LOVE the look? of a good old SA revolver. I heard someone had a DA/SA Ruger Vaquero, but i cant find anything about it….

  8. william knutson says:

    I bought a smith & wesson .357 for $675? the other day…
    very nice firearm..

  9. mrazarona says:

    A automatic revolver was made.?

  10. FazedVenom says:

    Are these guns or are they not do you hold them? with your hands or feet? Crossbows are amazing.

  11. fortgreene31 says:

    Why go to school and learned about guns? Mr.Hickok giving? us a treat no other channel could do on youtube. Peace and love to all.

  12. fortgreene31 says:

    Why go to school and learned about guns? Mr.Hickok giving? us a treat no other channel could do on youtube. Peace and love to all.

  13. 1rebelyankee says:

    Hey Hickok, you look like like your shootin in my back yard? That would be a Tennessee neighborhood. Although I know you CAN’T live that close to me, because I’m the ONLY one in my? hood makin as much noise as you do. LOL! Ya’ll ever get close to Cookville, ya can come shoot at my place, although my yard don’t come a lick as close to yours, rich in creative targets. Although bowling pins, pumpkins, and water jugs are among my favorites! LOL!

  14. 400$-1000$ depends if? you buy used/new etc, Ive seen a few double action .38’s go for 300$ also

  15. ideeman1994 says:

    In Europe, you can? get a hold of a .357 Mag S&W for about $500-600

  16. shortyellowasian says:

    I thought double actions mean that when you pull the trigger there’s a cocking and? then the boom, two actions in one pull???

  17. Mark Cirillo says:

    That was very cool, I know nothing about? guns, And this was great. Thanks

  18. NikitaGroz says:

    I like the double action handgun… How much? do they cost?

  19. vito armorosa says:

    ur the? best!

  20. Paul McFadden says:

    Love your? videos! Keep them up

  21. shmuckling says:

    Never heard of it before, I’ll assume there isn’t. I don’t see where the need for a thrird action would come from, sinse double? action in revolvers already covers everything that happens.

  22. JackAustin613 says:

    The cameraman is his son John. I think he teaches history but don’t quote me? on that.

  23. Redneck37379 says:

    Love your videos. I’ve always wondered who your cameraman is and what exactly you? teach?

  24. I give? you a lot of credit . Your videos are very informative. You really push safety and that is very important. I live in Canada and I’m quite sure I can’t buy any of those guns. But I still like watching your videos. How many handguns to you own ?? Keep the videos coming , they are very well done. With your knowledge I could easily select the right gun , if I lived in the U.S.

  25. IceBloodManiac says:

    Never apologize for stressing safety at ANY? time you touch a firearm. Great vid for anyone just entering the shooting world.