Nikola Tesla Secret


  1. I think the perfect EDC is? the Caly 3.5.

  2. XxXKillaBoi says:

    Svord Peasant. It isnt what he said, he said friction folder.

  3. AirsoftM1911 says:

    what is the name of the knife at? 14:41, you said the name but it was a little fast and slurred.


  4. looking for the? best kitchen knife is the same as looking for great edc folders. =D

  5. SuppaviLLin SuPpAvIlLiN says:

    Preach!! on the knife “pop culture” I did a video on that talking about a specific? knife that everyone has just because everyone else has it. Lots of dislikes on that video.

  6. ibesteadymobbin92 says:

    Idk if I really have a dream knife. I’m into midtechs and if I manage my money right, and don’t buy too many, for my job they’re affordable. I guess I can call the xm-18 the knife I want the most but I’m getting one on the next run anyway. Haven’t really gotten into customs yet,? idk why but I’m just not that into them.

  7. ibesteadymobbin92 says:

    @phillip nguyen Because most people use them as general purpose knives. Plus they’re in the same price range and both have been around long enough to set somewhat of a standard for alot of other midtech knives today to hold up to. Plus most people who have owned/buy striders have owned/buy crks vice? versa.

  8. ibesteadymobbin92 says:

    Ehhh, whoever you are whatever you may do, what ever kind of knives your into or carry I don’t think? you can seriously call the sebenza a bad knife. I just don’t think it can be done

  9. What’s that? fixed blade above the buck vantage ?

  10. phillie pasta says:


  11. TheAndemann says:

    Can you review? the stroemeng same knife? (Search

  12. Emanuel Kowalkowski says:

    or a? Katana if you know anyone else isn’t gonna have a lightsaber to cut the metal in half

  13. Glock Perfection?

  14. Jeff Hummel says:

    I have officially realized just recently, that the best way to pick an EDC knife out of the GIANT SEA of choices, is to? open up the Cabelas cutlery catalog, throw it up in the air, kick it, retrieve it, place your finger on the page, then buy that one…

  15. what? was that friction folder

  16. shinobiedc says:

    A really excellent video, very well explained. My holiday wish for you, add a Hawkbill style folder to your? collection. 🙂 Have a great holiday season.

  17. Chris Meyer says:

    I want a Spyderco Military w/ the steel not black blade SO? BAAADD

  18. I’m not Jeff, but it depends what you want the knife for. For utilitarian purposes, Moras are hard to beat (if you? want a fixed blade), as are Victorinox SAKs, Opinels, and maybe even Case Sodbusters. For more modern designs, Spyderco and Kershaw are hard to beat, with Spyderco being the more expensive of the two unless you purchase their Chinese line. ESEE isn’t super cheap, but they have a pretty awesome warranty.

  19. mike chan says:

    Very true Jeff, Keep up the good work! Beauty? with in the eye of the beholder same goes for EDC

  20. Opinel FTW?

  21. phillip nguyen says:

    I dont understand the strider? and chris reeve controversy. They are two COMPLETELY different knives! Tactical, and EDC. How can they compare??

  22. LordTde555 says:

    My EDC knife is my Victorinox swiss army knife. I think it is a great knife and it? has a bunch of handy attachments.

  23. achtungcircus says:

    I simply? dislike thumbholes…

  24. everythings tactical says:

    what do you think is the best? brand for the money ?

  25. kwarnisplayer says: