The Frank Bowie Survival Knife

The Frank Bowie Survival Knife

Nikola Tesla Secret


  1. Earl Portland says:

    link is? broken

  2. karateslaginnek says:

    My Gosh now that`s Beauty!!!?

  3. delnemorio says:

    I can’t find? the site

  4. Michael Moll says:

    Alot of people seem to criticise this knife, but until you put it in your hand and actually see it up close you will see why sootch gives it a good review. Frank now has stopped making them by hand and you can only? get it through the “House of Kukri”. Too bad for you who didnt get one of Franks originals. I got his simple bushknife and its of great quality as well.

  5. whenSHTFyoufight says:

    God that music is atrocious!?

  6. seems he no? longer makes these.

  7. In what part of the movie “The Hunted” did they use? this knife? Most of the time they were making their knives in the field out of rocks or metal found. You are talking about the movie with Benicio Del Toro and Tommy Lee Jones right?

  8. BarrySoetoro187 says:

    I am just upset he was so rude to me when I was so nice and complimentary? to him. I am glad I found all of this out before I gave someone like this $250 of my hard earned money. Also recommend that everybody research this on their own. So my advice is if you still want? to buy from Knives By Hand becareful when asking Frank a question.

  9. BarrySoetoro187 says:

    Frank also sells KHHI’s knives for around the same price as? if you were to buy them directly from KHHI. So obviously he is getting them for cheaper so he makes a profit which Who could blame him? for that, but also means he is getting his Frank Bowie made alot cheaper than $80 and is selling them for $240 and $250 and he doesnt even have to make them anymore. Which also is taking jobs out of our country and giving them to a third world country so he can make more money.

  10. BarrySoetoro187 says:

    All I wanted to know was? why I was being charged more than everybody else but I guess that is a bad question to ask when? somebody is trying to make money hand over fist 🙁

  11. BarrySoetoro187 says:

    I was very excited to buy a Frank Bowie Defender. So I e-mailed Frank to get one but not in stock so he sent me a pic of? a Eagle (in stock) which is similar. I agreed to buy it and told him his knives? were awesome. Then visited KHHI to browse some knives, I seen the Max Extreme with the same handle as the Eagle for $94.99. So asked Frank why he was selling it to me for $250 when Sootch00 said they were $150 but he got defensive and rude and told me to buy the Max Extreme from KHHI 🙁

  12. BarrySoetoro187 says:

    Is Frank Ganzalez an egomaniac and a price gouger? Khukuri House makes his Frank Bowie Defender and? Frank Bowie Eagle design for him. They make a KHHI Max Extreme that has the exact same handle as his Frank Bowie Eagle they charge $94.99 for it and it weights more and is also 3 chirra which is harder to make so if they sold it, it would be? around $80 Frank turns around and sells them for $250 what a nice guy 🙁

  13. BarrySoetoro187 says:

    That knife is almost as? big as Franks ego 😉

  14. mattcoblentz74 says:

    Now that’s a? knife mate

  15. Fretfeeler says:

    Nice Kukri knife!!!

    I’m looking for one that’s better than my Cold Steel, it? came with no edge on it from the factory and they forgot to “bake on” the protective finish so I’m gonna force a patina on it. I guess I won’t buy any more Cold Steel products with that lack of quality control.

    I’ll probably just get a Condor or Tramonti?

  16. And if you call now within the next 5 minutes its only 3 easy payments of 19.99. Start the? clock.

  17. GamingInTime says:

    never mind read? the part under the vid my mistake

  18. GamingInTime says:

    kukri? not a bowie
    but that is pretty cool i must say

  19. MrOttmandus says:

    Hatchett would have worked better. The physics of a hatchett always make it better than a knife for chopping. There? is a reason axes were used for eons instead of knives and swords for wood. Form follows function. Native Americans carried both hatchett and knife and used them properly

  20. bikekona06 says:

    It’s? a nice knife.

  21. Doug Ward says:

    You need to buy a chainsaw and? an axe-splitting maul.

  22. MichaelGrey11 says:

    Finger grooves make it? look like a kitchen knife. Yuck

  23. satanica65 says:

    i detest knives with that? sculptured finger foolishness on the handle.other than that it seems like an okay knife but that alone would prevent me from buying this particular version.

  24. i agree with this user. also, in this shape of knife, you cant touch? the base of the blade against a flat surface. its a small – mid sized camp knife and i frequently use that part of the blade – although in a large 12inch kukhri , that design DOES make sense, because it defines the usefulness of that knife