“The Concealed Carry Protocol” by Nutnfancy

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  1. blendedrealism says:

    Don’t know if you look at these nutnfancy, but I am curious where you go for running and gunning practice. I live in Springville, UT area and I? know that you are nearby simply because I frequent gunnies when I can and you have mentioned that. You have any good suggestions for stress shooting practice areas?

  2. Dont expect to EVER conceal carry in IL . ? This is just smoke and mirrors.

  3. Preppatron says:

    Great info? and vid

  4. IAMGOD712007 says:

    In case anyone was looking for who to complain to about the address map of the concealed carry owners, before it comes to your town:
    Journal News President: Janet Hasson, 3 Gate House Lane Mamaroneck, NY 10534 914-694-5204 248-594-2197 jhasson@lohud.com

    Executive Editor
    Cynthia R. Lambert? (aka CynDee? Royle), , The Journal News/LoHud.com. Address: 17 McBride Ave., White Plains, NY 10603 Phone: 914-948-9388, Email: croyle@lohud.com Twitter: @croyle1

  5. Thank you. Great information and delicious food for thought! Will be viewing? more of your vids.

  6. hyperman717 says:

    Thank you for this video. As a young concealed carrier, I can be a little over zealot about my gun rights and other such things. I have always known that your firearm is your last resort but this video has? made me think a little bit more about how my over zealotness could be hurting the cause for gun owners like myself. I dont like how we are viewed as the bad guys and it pisses me off. but i think i now realize being over zealot does not really help promote gun owners in a good way…

  7. BananaJuice2121 says:

    It’s my birthday today! (hint)?

  8. TheRacarden says:

    3 things: For what it’s worth anecdote: my coworker lost? his only child/daughter in the VT massacre; he’s all for getting responsible citizens armed; I wish there had been a sheepdog there for her that day. As my CCW instructor said regarding use of appropriate force: “It might be your day to get an ass ass-whooping.” And per folks from another YT channel: “If you can’t decide if your life is more valuable than someone trying to take yours, you don’t need a gun, you need psychiatric counseling.”

  9. Barry Davis says:

    The ads are put in by Google based on your videos amount of viewers and by the who the viewer? is. There is not much you can do about it because the permission you gave them to do so is in the mice type of the Terms of Service.

  10. luckynbr13 says:

    Its still going to be a long battle with Pat Quinn and? Rahm Emanuel. To bad I live In central Illinois far away from Chicago and they can dictate my choices.

  11. philipiano001 says:

    Useful and? thoughtful dialogue, well done.

  12. jbatesbtt says:

    When I’m at the range, I always spend 10-15 minutes on my draw and firing 2-3 shots? as quick as possible. Some days I’m in the red, some days I’m outside the red. I would like to think in a situation where my only option is to engage, that I’ll be on point and steady on target. Even before I watched this vid, I very much followed the idea of “Don’t start trouble. Don’t stick around for trouble.” Unless that person is armed and endangering lives, I’m out of there. NOT WORTH THE HASSLE, PEOPLE!

  13. Allen Forehand says:

    Great? video man. I enjoy all your work.

  14. barstool: Hey tough guy, the.380 has been around since the1930’s(?) the.40 since what 1989? It’s not a big reach? to think it has seen more”action”.ALL HANDGUNS ARE UNDERPOWERED.I carry asmall 9mm but have carried and trustedthe .45acp. .40 isnt some “new magic”.

  15. All the more reason to avoid conflict even if it means your ego takes a beating:”hey man I’m not going to fight you:”
    “you’re a pussy
    ” whatever dude…”
    but when there’s a disparity of force: say 3 guys or a gun or bat or knife; You havethe means to walk away alive in the end.
    IMHO It’s worth it to have the legal opportunity to be prepared for the worst.

  16. nutnfancy says:

    Thanks for the heads up…we’ve been trying to block those ads for days and haven’t got it figured out yet. I don’t see the ads and neither does Nutn so? we have to rely on people who do see them to tell us they are still running. It is much appreciated. — Veri

  17. Sacreppin916 says:

    wow, watching this video a? demand a plan was a commercial. this time it was kids talking saying they demand a plan. such bullshit.

  18. Megan Jenkins says:

    The reason that these things are never reported in the news is that the concealed weapon? holders don’t report it either. I don’t want the hassle, nor do I want the public identification as an armed person. Under the radar is always better!

  19. JakeBass12 says:

    i? would rather have and not use a gun, than to not have a gun and need it.

  20. RADmrKEVIN says:

    “glock 19 in a fanny pack” haha too good man. Of course the situation was? deescalated, you had a fanny pack!

  21. LordxBritish says:

    Excellent video for anyone thinking about carrying concealed. I want to point out that in my state (Michigan), if stopped by a peace officer, one MUST IMMEDIATELY DISCLOSE that they are carrying. It’s not something one should wait until? the right time to do, which is the impression that I get from the video. See MCL 28.425f(3).

  22. MrTacticalwolf says:

    man? do i agree with that. i really hate open carriers that act like that

  23. schwarzblatt says:

    Damn. If I had to use that gun in a defensive scenario against an assailant, I think? we’d both be on the floor from the concussion blast.

  24. Shooter7point62 says:

    I agree the media portrays gun owners as “wacked” generally speaking. But if you open? carry you’re just an ass making a statement.

  25. I? conceal carry a S&W 500, why? because i can.