The Best Handgun, Period.

The Best Handgun, Period.

Nikola Tesla Secret


  1. Devin Ellis says:

    That revolver is fucking? sexy.

  2. i would never? own a revolver …sorry, but i love my sigs p226 and p220 they never fail

  3. The text is soo annoying and pointless. It? kind of ruins the vid

  4. TheYankeeMarshal says:

    I prefer the? term “Glock-tards.”

  5. freedefenderg89 says:

    Revolvers are freaking? sexy period and that’s coming from a glock o phila lol

  6. phoenixmichaels says:

    I have lotsa Glocks, 1911’s, etc… but always carry my .357 when going into the trees. It’s a nice, warm,? fuzzy feeling too.

  7. gunlover1955 says:

    Agree with? YA.

  8. tangled Line says:

    I still sport my .357 Smith with a 3 inch barrel bedside. Alot of people dont realize that the revolver is extremely accurate with a deadly round.
    The .357 is a hell of a deadly round. Nice review. Never mind the COD? kids.

  9. David Roy Godden says:

    YES, finally someone makes? some sense. I have the same S&W 686+ in the 3 inch and would not trade it for any other. I love my Glocks and 1911s but the Smith revolver is KING.

  10. Ive got a 38 special thatll do ugly things close up i? love old wagon wheels

  11. Cowboy9934 says:

    In nam I had a S/W 357 for two At home I? Ruger 357 stop any dog or ass hole ..

  12. shtflongago says:


  13. Chris Martin says:

    Any handgun can fail, but it is much easier to keep firing with a revolver than with a jammed semi-auto. I carry a Walther PPK in .380 in an ankle holster, but I have reworked the mechanism and have never had a jam. Semi-autos, fresh from the box will need work done. If you are inexperienced,? get a competent gunsmith to fine tune it.

  14. Nicho2177 says:

    post of video of? you shooting that shiny mofo

  15. why 4? inch barrel is better than 6 inch ?

  16. freedomfighterhans says:

    Wtf? are you talking about? Shoes? I have no pics or vids of shoes

  17. TheYankeeMarshal says:

    You’re ugly and? outdated…but judging from those cheap shoes? you aren’t gay.

  18. freedomfighterhans says:

    Revolvers? are ugly and outdated. Gay

  19. longhaultrckr says:

    Based on? the title: does the best handgun prefer a pad or tampon during its period? lol

  20. bowtieboy817 says:

    ok, sir. I just liked the stripper/nursing? school caption YM made. Thanks though.

  21. RavenWolf515 says:

    Dude, seriously,? the overuse of ridiculous captions ruins your video.

  22. knlazar08 says:

    Not only CAN, but are very sensitive to dirt and gunk on the inside. Just put a revolver in a sandbox, shake it up, and note that it will not fire. It is not the number of moving parts, it is the way they move, and the tolerances.
    This means that revolvers are prone to JAMS (not stoppages),? while autos are prone to stoppages and NOT jams, even though people always seem to confuse the two. Jams require dis-assembly of the weapon, while stoppages do not, and can be done on the firing line.

  23. knlazar08 says:

    Because it is the grip that “prints” not the frame. Autoloaders always have a square grip shape, to accommodate the magazine. That makes a small revolver better for concealment, except perhaps the very tiniest autos, with wimpy calibers. The Ruger LCP might be the exception, I have not carried one of those, although I’ve shot? them. Nice guns.

  24. neosteeled001 says:

    opinions are like noses, everybody has one. And opinions about which is the best overall handgun are the same way. Whichever one you want or already own is always the best. Frankly, the best handgun in the world is the one you have in? your hand when you really need one. The only thing I would really suggest is to have someone proofread your captions for syntax and spelling. Mistakes detract from the information you are trying to impart in your presentation.