The Art of Dehydrating Food

The Art of Dehydrating Food

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  1. Santanajust says:

    Okay, so I have been to 4 stores looking for dried? mushrooms and gave up.Then I watched this video this morning. An hour later hubby came home and i had him take me to Bed bath and beyond and bought the dehydrater. Then we went to walmart and got mushrooms. As i speak I am making my own dehydrated mushrooms. boy have you created a monster. We also bought a canning book. so much for no room in the RV.

  2. So every time that I? go to by something dehydrated on sale I say well,1.06 1b net weight, what would be the total weight? I just dont know what 48 dollars really buys me? 78 cents a lb is still a good deal at the store, but for long term storage id just like to know what you have figured out for the actual weight you pay for.

  3. katzcradul says:

    I’m? really glad that you like my videos. Yes, I blanch both the squash and the potatoes. I’ve never dehydrated lettuce. I don’t believe it would work very well.

  4. EchoesOfAnAngel says:

    Hey Kat, I might have missed you saying so but, do you have to blanch the squash or the potato dices and have you tried to dehydrated lettuces? ?
    Thanks so much for sharing. I so enjoy your videos and wonderful ideas and tips you have.

  5. Orris Holt says:

    I’m so glad to see all the different things I can? dehydrate or can. Blessings and Prosperity.

  6. katzcradul says:

    Vacuum sealed in jars/bags,? or not?

  7. tattoojoshwashere says:

    i have a question…how long will the dehydrated food last? on the shelf?

  8. tattoojoshwashere says:

    every video i have watched of yours have been awesome and VERY informative. i have learned so much from you on how to preserve? just about everything. my ” extended pantry” is coming along great. thank you for taking the time to make these videos

  9. katzcradul says:

    Oh, you bet, they dehydrate great. I just happen to have a huge stash of them that I purchased from the LDS cannery. If you’re going to dry them, you might want to put the dehydrator in your garage, if possible, because the onion smell can get pretty intense in? your house.

  10. MrMunchiemo says:

    What about onions? Do you? dehydrate them too.?

  11. katzcradul says:

    I’d write to the company and tell? them to send you one! I love my Chop Wizard.

  12. Discernaoftruth says:

    WHAT?!? ? My Vidalia chop didn’t come with a larger grid! haha!! Awesome video

  13. Shanda Lee says:

    Oh my goodness, I must have have been out of it last night. I just reread my original question and it just dawned on me how ridiculously stupid? that sounded. Of course, it’s 1/3. Ha. Thanks for responding though. I think my post turkey lethargy has worn off and I have my brain back finally 🙂

  14. nikki mcmains says:

    Very soon I’ll be buried in myer lemons. If I peel and section the lemons do you think they could become usable? I had a big failure with kiwi. I have? no idea where the sugar goes, but I dried totally ripe and sweet fruit. The sugar went away, the tart leaps out, and the seeds become very, very prominant. We grow them here, so what I dried was vine ripened, and really excellent when I started. Not so when I finished. Yuck.

  15. katzcradul says:

    Shanda ~ It really depends on how much your family eats at one meal. I know that my family will eat a 1# bag of frozen vegetables at a meal, so I’d use 1/3 of the jar I showed. You have to experiment to see how to best? meet your family’s needs.

  16. Shanda Lee says:

    Completely new to dehydrating so I’m so glad I found you! It is so amazing how many bags of veggies fit in a quart jar. Did you say three bags of mixed? veggies in there?! With that said, if you want rehydrate a “bag”, how much do you take out of the jar? I just asked a similar question on another video and she said she usually takes out half (that was with shredded carrots). Does that stand true for everything? Thanks 🙂

  17. okstillhere says:

    thanks for this video I’m just learning to? dehydrate and now I’m learning there are so many possibilities!

  18. What about canning lemons? Could that? work out?

  19. katzcradul says:

    I’ve been meaning to make a video on that for more than a year. I’ll try? to get it made next week rather than try to explain it all in a reply. It’s soaking in acid water after they’re peeled, and also after they’re cut…all along then way, blanching, cooling, and then on the dehydrator.

  20. Laura Brooks says:

    i tried to dehydrate potatoes and they turned black what do i do different to have beautiful white potatoes? like yours

  21. I? love listening to you and learning new things. I could listen to you all day, you sound like home. PrepperA has a great teacher.

  22. jimmy40290 says:

    What? great ideas. Your videos are the best. They always seem to make me hungry too.

  23. katzcradul says:

    Let me give you the answer to all your? dehydrating questions: dehydrate2store(dot)com. She has all the answers and has wonderful tutorials. Browse her website to learn all you could want to know about how to use your new dehydrator.

  24. Tina Almario says:

    How do I find out how long and what temp to? cook veggies. Mine’s new but it didn’t come with a book…I’m so lost!

  25. AOTEOROA4066 says:

    When I vacuumed them, I did it in a bag; however, I am awaiting the attachment for? the food saver to be able to do jars and as soon as it arrives, I will trans to a jar and keep an eye on it. That is a great tip you gave me, thnx.