Survival Tins / Making Wilderness Survival Kits

Survival Tins / Making Wilderness Survival Kits

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  1. swilliams2482 says:

    Nice kit? mate. Looks like you’re well prepared.

  2. godisnum1 says:

    Not a bad video. Do you really think the wire saw is a good idea? I’ve only ever seen them perform very poorly, not just the Chinese wire saws either. Also, have you considered using a sterile 4 mil. water bag with a roll down top that compresses small enough to fit into your PSK? They might? be more durable than a condom and hair net…

  3. Hi cornishprivateer,
    Thanks for posting this video! What are the advantages & disadvantages of hiking north thru? the interior (here, the Everglades) instead of through the suburban sprawl , or along the roads, the coast or even by boat?