Survival Knife Tests Series 2: Part 1, E2E – Equip 2 Endure

Survival Knife Tests Series 2: Part 1, E2E - Equip 2 Endure

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  1. I’m pretty sure that’s not pressure treated so it? would be fine to burn but anyways good video

  2. dreem1walker says:

    Why not compare? with the Fallkniven F1 or even better the TK2?

  3. predator1117 says:

    Step one: Dull knife
    Step two: Buy? ax for chopping

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  5. JeepJeep234 says:

    I have the Gerber Prodigy. A tanto styled blade and some older gerber things. They are hard to break even if you try to make? them break.

  6. I used to hate serrations until I got? my Gerber DMF manual folder. I’ve found that I use them a lot, and they actually cut better than plain edge against bags, strings, and other things that I tend to cut the most. Something I noticed is serrations are great for more urban environments, while plain edges are great for more survival/outdoor tasks. Since I do both, I actually carry two knives all the time. One plain edge, the other my Gerber DMF manual.

  7. MrBennbeckman says:

    where is khukuri??

  8. billy kidd says:

    KABAR baby KABAR? all the way.

  9. newarktitans says:

    @M4ROWNER I? would go for a kabar heavy Bowie for your big boy business and a mora for your fine work, everything you will need in the field(blade wise) for half your budget.

  10. MrBeneboy2012 says:

    So which? one do you like more, Gerber LMF2, or Becker BK2?

  11. baseballmaniacsaaan says:

    hey adam were? u ever in the military

  12. markash1971 says:

    i used loads? of knifes and i mora knifes are the best for me

  13. Nick MANTRA says:

    in a survival situation pine wood isn’t always available. why not try against oak or maple??

  14. Jager Bergmann says:

    Hey pal..They are? running the trailer for the new Red Dawn on this video of yours…

  15. Equip2Endure says:

    I appreciate the input and thanks for watching

  16. HillBillyForLiberty says:

    i find them handy when butchering? game, those pesky chest and hip areas. . . but thats the only purpose ive found.

  17. 10JaReBeAr10 says:

    What camera did/do you? use in this video?

  18. If you had? $150 to buy a knife what would it be?

  19. Koa Bartsch says:

    Great knife review! I am? considering buying the Gerber LMF II. What model is that? Is it the Infantry, the survival, or the ASEK? Also, is the LMF II made in the USA?

  20. yugioh420502 says:

    you know you first have to give combat blades a try? before you start to give them a bad name and not recommended them it did the same as the as the survival knife.

  21. carsiotto says:

    Hey Adam, I’ve been watching your videos and I think you’re doing a great thing! I’m new to outdoor survival and I keep reading that serrations aren’t great. At first I thought it was a good thing because you can apply your knife to different tasks like sawing little branches. I am realizing from the comments that I may be wrong but can you tell me why? haha Do you use a different serrated tool like a saw instead? I hope you are able to? get back to me, I would appreciate it a lot!

  22. FalconerPhoto says:

    Why do? you avoid?

  23. HerrFoobert says:

    A few comments below me you answer in Czech, and? I hear you give commands auf Deutsch to your Hund. I’m just curious, as you seem to be multilingual.

  24. Equip2Endure says:

    Why do? you ask?
    – Adam

  25. HerrFoobert says:

    This isn’t a survival knife question,? but how many languages do you speak, Adam?