Survival Gear (bug out Bag) SHTF (2011)

Survival Gear (bug out Bag) SHTF (2011)

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  1. Hey man, just a tip of advice,? you can ditch all the fire stuff for a good high-quality piece of flint, and it will save a lot of space.

  2. 4Freedomrider says:

    What a douche bag comment. The guy is showing you what he will bring in his bug out situation and you? think his guns are bad. His guns are for defense of himself and his wife. If you think having fire power that will persuade would be attackers to move on to easier targets is bad you need to step back and think it through. I will own any country side I pass through. For my own safety of course. Peace and long live the rEVOLution.

  3. Sheila Parrish says:

    I have a tech 9? also. Cant find any mags. for it i have the one mag. that came with it. If you know where I can get some of them? Please let me know. Thanks for the video.

  4. Ponky2484 says:

    Keep the shovel…
    Also? a flashlight with a couple of batteries would be nice…

  5. markbecker424 says:

    I agree with theAstros5. You have to be able to hike but your not running. This bag looks like a really good starter bag in my opinion,? but everyone has there own opinions i spos.

  6. midnitesi says:

    lose the MREs and go with Datrex, the amount of room that the three mres take up, you can have 9-10 datrex 3600 paks, which is 9-10 days? of food!

  7. XxSpashleyIsLovexX says:

    For the most part this is a decent? kit. Though your water purifying system seems kind of bulky to me. A good set of tinder and a fire steel would allow you to do the same thing and take up way less room. I would recommend getting an actual Molle Pack too. I mean that seems like a nice bookbag and all, but those bags are given out by the military as swag to entice people to enlist. I wouldn’t wanna have to rely on it during an stressful situation. I like the inclusion of the fishing kit. Nice job

  8. Herman Morgan says:

    10th B.O.B. video ive watched and still find 1 universal thing missing, or maybe its there just? not mentioned. FINGERNAIL CLIPPERS. still a good video tho : )

  9. pylonnious says:

    I didn’t realize you americans really like guns that much.its just an alien concept to me in canada I have a hunting rifle but its far to large to bug out? with.up here many of us learn stealth.I personally learned to stalk deer with the native peoples.but that was a nice gun and a good video.

  10. survivalnation2012 says:

    great vid man where? did you get the backpack?:)

  11. humzas2010 says:

    you need backup incase something happen and you need to stay in the wild or where ever for more thne 3? day but other then that u r g2g

  12. FlyboyHelosim says:

    I would also have something called ‘Chemical Metal’ in my? BOB.

  13. cigreviewer1244 cig says:

    mine is set up the same way? with the exact items

  14. lonelyelephant1 says:

    I lived in the countryside for 2 years working on a farm and I think there is way more then enough room to go around. In GA, a lot of? the land next to I 75 is owned by the state, so thats a start. And remember, there is a higher concentration of people with guns in the cites (2/5 compared to 1/6) so make sure you can defend ALL your turf

  15. spicecrop says:

    I don’t? know how long you have gone without water before , but believe me when I tell you , that you will trade half of that stuff for a large glass of water in a second. you should think of loosing some of that stuff in exchange for at least one liter of water if not two. like say maybe the rope and twine and tin foil and all the other stuff you really will never use in three days time.

  16. Michael Walker says:

    So much gear and I find myself asking if you even know how to use it all. Have you ever spent time in the? bush

  17. TheRaellz says:

    You need a? lot.

  18. TheRaellz says:

    ..and you are? suggesting??

  19. mitchell85347 says:

    FYI you need to look up how to unlock handcuffs and break zip ties when the SHTF these are things you need to know also i prefer a one shot one kill senario harder for others to locate you by sound so i choose 7mm mag and springfield xd 40 cal. the 40 cal has stopping power and high rate of mortality at short range up to 100 yards past that there is no chance 7? mag is so devistating they will not know they are even hit. freedom threw preporation. peace brother also pick yourself up a machete

  20. protube1000 says:

    lol you? guys and guns

  21. Ratchet25 says:

    I hope that’s not how you treat people when it goes down. You don’t have? to kill everyone on sight. You’re gonna need people in the future you know, unless you wanna continue inbreeding the rest of your life, and who the fuck says you own the country side?

  22. pixelproductions100 says:

    you got alot of? rope ‘n string

  23. Use the inside? going outward.

  24. TheAstros5 says:

    Too heavy, you need to carry as much as you can, in preparation for any situation. That’s what I would do, I’ll be carrying my ruck with a week full of supplies, ammo, and my? body armor. Yes cumbersome, but I’ll be armed to the teeth, and well prepared.

  25. Sheila Parrish says:

    I have a? tech 9 where do you get your clip(magazine) In some extra.