Strider SnG Knife Review

Strider SnG Knife Review

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  1. BladeReviewscom says:

    Fair enough man – can’t say I paid retail for this one myself!?

  2. tylenator552 says:

    Luxury price, but not a luxury quality product. I will still trade for them and? buy used ones though. Just never pay the outright new retail price

  3. BladeReviewscom says:

    Brian, I know many who would agree with you there! The SNG is definitely what I would call a luxury good! Thanks? for watching. 🙂

  4. Brian Smith says:

    My cheap Victorinox Locking Soldier knife, has a longer cutting? edge, is more useful, and you could buy 8 of these with the price of an SNG, only advantage the SNG has it has S30v blade, which retains an edge longer but not 8X longer than the SAK steel, also dulls like the victorinox steel and takes a longer time to sharpen, and both are military knives, Striders are overprice IMHO 🙂

  5. It’s cool man. This is why I? like knives and knife discussion videos. We all learn a little bit. I try to sell all points of view whenever I can and incorporate em together. And yea the MPR was a beastly knife. Too beastly for me lol; didn’t know what to do with it.

  6. coldcat870 says:

    I see your point? man, I guess everyone has their own preferences. Thanks for the information, I didn’t know the MPR g-10 was thicker then the SnG.

  7. I mean this won’t change me from buying high end productions and customs.
    In fact, besides my para 2, I only have high end production (CRK, Strider) and custom knives and thats how I will continue to collect knives but that doesn’t necessarily mean I think the prices are justified…BUT they are worth? it to me, which is a personal choice.

  8. Of course all steel will dull eventually but in general M390 is recognized as a superior steel to S30V. Theres no debating that since it can be scientifically measured. Of course heat treat plays a role as well. My only point was that if BM can do the one piece g10? scale and spacer (thicker g10 btw than strider), and they can provide a better steel, for 1/3 the price…then whats really justifying the SnG when Mick and Dwayne aren’t involved in making the production ones.

  9. coldcat870 says:

    I’ve owned a AFCK in M390. . . and I’ve dulled it like every other steel I’ve owned. So steel really doesn’t matter to me, it’s whether I can sharpen it or not. Again, BS feedback (hey at least I’m being honest) since I gave it away to a childhood friend who’s going off? in the armed service.

  10. coldcat870 says:

    I have an SMF, and the? price point justifies its fan base, koo-laid, Mick, Duane, Josh, and a butt load of stuff I can’t think right off the top of my head. = D

  11. …BM is good as well. You can’t tell me the warranty makes the strider 3X more expensive. Dwayne and Mick don’t even work on the production knives…
    You mention things like? knives breaking but when has that even happened. Warranty is mostly used for blade play and lock wear which any decent company like BM will fix too. I personally don’t see the value other than its value people place on it themselves. Personally thats why I own high end knivs. Not because theyre “worth the money”

  12. What I don’t understand though is what makes this ‘semi-custom’ category cost more for strider. The? one piece g10 is done by BM. So is the thicker blade stock and better steel. In fact, strider even had horrible quality up until recently so you can’t even say that Strider had quality due to “semi custom production”. So what is it about being semi custom that makes it more expensive when the materials are actually inferior as well as the quality lacking (in the past at least). The warranty for

  13. victorinoxfan says:

    I’m well aware when it comes to just materials? it doesn’t stand up to price scrutiny. No mid tech or custom does. In fact I don’t remember emphasizing the thickness of the blade. Mostly the strength to weight ratio.

    As I mentioned things like warranty and the fact that it is a semi custom etc all factor in when it comes to cost. Is there a brand premium as well? you bet, but I’m also aware of that and I figure that kind of fit into my ‘it’s a semi custom knife’ category.Different product class

  14. BladeReviewscom says:

    A lot of good points made in this little thread guys -? oddly enough, I can agree with it all. Lots of room for different perspectives with the SNG. I appreciate everyone taking the time to provide some thoughts.

  15. I own an SnG but there’s no point trying to justify the price based on materials and construction. A thick one piece G10 and backspacer…where have I seen that? O yea…the BM MPR. Thick blade stock…O yea the BM 755 again with M390 which destroys S30v. In the end you buy an SnG or sebenza for other reasons than materials and construction because? if you consider just those…the SnG is not worth it.

  16. victorinoxfan says:

    completely understandable. If I was working at a site where losing it was a good possibility I would be? hesitant as well. It’s not a knife for everyone. No knife fits that bill.

    We just have to keep buying blades till we find what formula works for us. The joys of being a knife nut

  17. BillGoudy says:

    Thanjk you for the information… That is good to know!! I guess, I just use a Kershaw until I lose it.. Then go get another, after I return and can’t find it…? I have been known to be working and lay my knife down and realize later that the knife is gone… I wouldn’t want to leave 400 bucks laying at a job site!! 😉

  18. BladeReviewscom says:

    Good points man,? the single piece backspacer and scale and the warranty definitely adds to the cost (and value) of the knife. The hardware and overall build quality (excellent) adds something too imo. Personally, I can see the difference between this and say a $270 ZT 0560. It’s going to be for more of the connoisseurs though – just the nature of the beast when the price tag gets that high.

  19. victorinoxfan says:

    It’s a semi custom blade. The manufacturing scale and processes are very different from standard production knives. The handle and backspacer are just one piece of G-10 That is very expensive to do, since super thick G10 is not cost efficient. It is more durable. This is? a very tough knife with a no bs warranty.

    As long as it is not pimped or completely melted in a fire they will fix it. Snap the blade? send it in. Lockup wears out? Send it in. That kind of warranty adds cost.

  20. BladeReviewscom says:

    Anytime man! Thanks, I will try to? find some more cool stuff to share! 🙂

  21. coldcat870 says:

    Thanks for the replies Dan! ? So far, that Emerson CQC 13 and this SnG video are my favorite videos!

  22. BladeReviewscom says:

    Haha, thanks Bill! Happy to hear you enjoyed the review and? testing. Yes, you heard right – $400!! It’s a cool knife, but I know for many the price will just be too much. Thanks for watching man. 🙂

  23. BladeReviewscom says:

    Hey man, thanks for dropping by. I can totally appreciate that perspective. There a? lot of really nice knives in the $75-150 range that will do pretty much everything this one does. Still, for the high end collector I can see the appeal of the SnG.

  24. KnifeGearNoob says:

    It’s? a beautiful knife, but too be honest I would rather get a few benchmade and spyderco knives over this.

  25. BillGoudy says:

    Dan, that looks like a real shreader!! Thumb shreader too! haha! Man, I do love the testing that you are doing! It, for me,makes the review complete! Just Plain Outstanding! What!! $400 bucks for that? I’d want it to have a spring and a pushbutton for that kind of money!!? Did I miss something.. I watched the whole review.. Why are they so proud of that blade?? And they don’t include the spanner tool ! Guess I’m way to conservative for this one. Dan, Thanks for show’n it and I am glad you did