Shooting the Henry Survival Rifle – AR-7

Shooting the Henry Survival Rifle - AR-7

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  1. abt7217tc says:

    Just? got one for Christmas.

  2. okanoganforest says:

    Good job on a good rifle!! ? Thank you

  3. ttown32179 says:

    Nice video.? In a fucked up market for one. Want for a pack, I wouldn’t consider for a main .22. Thanks.

  4. if you clip 2 coils off of each of the springs in the receiver it’ll shoot the stuff that isn’t high velocity without? jamming.

  5. SerJahPhoto says:

    A silly question from a novice wannabuyone.
    If a bullet stuck, and you remove it, is it still? good or it somehow damaged?

  6. realtrisk says:

    Awesome! Thanks? for showing this off! …although… now I want one, darn you. >_< Great video, though!

  7. you’re a fucking idiot?

  8. Melvis2000 says:

    Just got this rifle. It is? one of the best .22 rifles I’ve eve had. Got it from Bass Pro Shops. Took it to the range and was around the bullseye everytime. Great rifle for beginers and just for small game hunting…

  9. emilioestebanpacheco says:

    I like your? gun, can you tell me wear to buy onel

  10. TheSaxonCampaign says:

    I find the difference is when you shoot something for? the first time, It has sort of a “Shock Wave” then after a couple of shots it stops. this doesnt happen with .22 though.

  11. TheAmerican300WM says:

    Dont trash this guy for protecting his? hearing i lost some of mine at a jackal concert you dont get that back so i wear hearing protection always unless its a bb gun:P

  12. TheAmerican300WM says:

    That is the coolest? gun i have ever seen!!

  13. Dexter Morgan says:

    i love the? gun 🙂

  14. Brandon Ford says:

    who thinks this? guy should do a zombie apocalypse gear? 😀

  15. I have had an AR7 in my pack for 30 years. I’m looking ot get one for my 18 yr old daughter for her? pack. This is a great rifle.

  16. Great instructions..Thanks so much?

  17. xivunited says:

    Fat boy?

  18. Robert Wilson says:

    Thanks !

  19. MyChaos71 says:

    to solve the feeding problem with the HP.? Some ramps will pose problems feeding HP when manually cycling the gun, while the semi-auto cycling after a bullet was fired will work since this is a much more powerfull and fast cycling action….

  20. The101Shell101Bullet says:

    it’s cheap and it’s? great to have around. easy to store as well.

  21. Good stuff Fred,? thanks!

  22. HipHopKiller94 says:

    It was YOUR fault, that the bullet won’t? feed !!!

  23. moderndesignworks says:

    I think I am going to get this gun, it is fun and it has a history that no other 22lr rifle can match. However, your shots seem to hit low, so since the front sight is made of plastic, can you file it down with sand paper and bring up? the shots up that way???? Just wondering. I am more a shot placement guy than a grouping guy.

  24. nicerperson says:

    A nice piece of kit – you cannot gripe about its performance. The sign of good simple design. I want one with a wooden stock like James Bond 🙂

    Only? kidding.

  25. Dexter Morgan says:

    ok . thank u. just wanted to? know 🙂