Ruger SR22 Pistol Review

Ruger SR22 Pistol Review

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  1. hamburgerhelper22 says:

    yeah you are………?

  2. hamburgerhelper22 says:

    keep it for barter… will soon? be useless…..

  3. hamburgerhelper22 says:

    ……and this is bad? how?………….

  4. CaptainPlanet7777 says:


  5. edbidle1975 says:

    In the video? when you test fired the different kinds of ammo, did you shoot in single action or double action?

  6. Mannn this video going to make me buy this gun ……

  7. James williams says:

    It amazes me that the commercial b4 this review was an anti gun commercial? by a bunch of inner city kids

  8. PutnU2sleep says:

    I just picked this gun up used privately for $275. Came with both mags and case. Unfortunately it only came with one palm grip, the large one. I was hoping to get the smaller one for the? other half.

  9. The unusual safety orientation actually puts me off this gun totally. I carry a Ruger SR9C and the safety on that is the opposite which is strange being the same manufacturer.

    I thought about getting the SR22 as a training gun but? with the safety working the opposite way around I would prefer not to confuse my muscle memory.

  10. hyperman717 says:

    I have a similar .22 pistol with a mag well safety, I removed that sucker. I hate? not being able to fire with no mag in.

  11. watcherman65 says:

    Great Review. Thanks for? Sharing.. ( :

  12. Nice gun… Nice review, to bad? in belguim you cant buy then that easely 🙁

  13. Chance Dalton says:

    i? just dont see the advantage of this over a m&p 22 pistol

  14. spookypunky says:

    Don’t forget? the Stingers!!

  15. joslinnick says:

    That is damn? good looking little gun!

  16. phenamenol says:

    why would anyone want to buy a? .22 ? …to hunt rabbits ?

  17. Gus Fuentes says:

    Great? Video!

  18. Nanakuma NiMH says:

    How could? anyone give this review a thumbs down?
    Great review & video quality.

  19. bmcascad1 says:

    Nevermind. I? just missed it the first time through

  20. bmcascad1 says:

    What? distance are you shooting at?

  21. revolver/////////the way to? go….

  22. so, you paid? $330, im guessing $300 at my LGS is a damn good deal

  23. silverhorder1969 says:

    Because the take down lever is made of plastic after you put a lot of rounds through it, it will break. The take down lever also acts as the guide rod stop and because Ruger decided to go cheap and make the take? down lever out of plastic instead of metal it cant take the abuse of hundreds of rounds and will break. Check out all the other complaints about this problem on You Tube.