Remington 700 SPS DM Rifle Review

Remington 700 SPS DM Rifle Review

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  1. SuperDeerhunterman says:

    The recoil? of a 7mm Remington magnum is not overwhelming at all, it’s just that a lot I people associate hard kick with the word magnum… It’s actually not an overwhelming kick.. Compared to a 30-06 it is only a little harder kicking. Very manageable, hope this helped someone out

  2. QUESTION: Is the trigger guard on the SPS DM polymer or metal? thanks,? Brent

  3. wildside713 says:

    I’m looking at buying this gun. How is the recoil compared to a? 30-06?

  4. Jack Turner says:

    Would like to see accuracy results – after? all that’s where its really at!

  5. Tikka Koski says:

    Not Managable? People must be 5 years old if? they cant manage a .308

  6. Electromag50 says:


  7. Electromag50 says:

    I have this rifle in 300 WM, clocked my loads the other day at 3330fps. Nosler 180 BTBT (.507bc) with 74 grs of IMR4831. BTW, EXCEEDS LOAD DATA MAX CUP.. N.E.Ways,,, If I zero at 300Y I can aim dead on? from 0 to 400Y with a 3′” effective kill radius. That is bad ass!
    I dont reccomend this load to anyone, I will use it only in a clean barrel with temps less than 70F. No hot barrels.

  8. classics4lf says:

    why do that when you could get a mcmillan action along with the stock chambered? in 338

  9. Iris421989 says:

    There, you said it. It’s manageable,? yes, but I like to go to the range and bust like 60 rounds.

    First off thats like 100 bucks in ammo, and second my shoulder can’t take it

  10. Iris421989 says:

    Agree with? everything you said, esp the mcmillan stock. I disagree with the caliber, a round that large will have a fair amount of ballistic drop on it. Better to get a faster, small round in my opinion

  11. Iris421989 says:

    A .308 with a bull barrel has barely any kick. Never fired a .270 so I can’t speak to that, but I know the .308 is not bad at all.

    7MM Rem Mag, is however? a beast

  12. Iris421989 says:

    Lower caliber unless you’re experience in guns already. It punches too? hard to be fun at the range all day, and ammo is expensive as hell

  13. highridinf250 says:

    Ill? stick with my weatherby .270 magnum.

  14. FranciscoSRO2 says:

    hey I? was making plans for my remington 700P, and i cant find a detachable magazine for .300 RUM strange hum, i find .308,300WM, 338 lapua and .300 RUM just doesn’t exist..

  15. Riley Stevens says:

    well im planning on getting? a .25/06 one just like yours except its stainless steel. This rifle will be my first high powered rifle, would you say this is a smart choice or should i go with a lower caliber?

  16. 22ratshot says:

    My opinion is that the old .270 win kicks harder than any caliber. I haven’t fired the .270wsm but am told they have a lighter recoil. The? .308 has a medium recoil, about like a .243, you can’t go wrong with it.

  17. MrDaajman says:

    nice but dude get a? one piece 20moa rail.

  18. FranciscoSRO2 says:

    My dream gun: Remington 700P with DM and the most effective Muzzle Brake to reduce the recoil of the? powerfull .300 Remington Ultra Magnum.

    With it’s 26” Barrel to make the bullet even faster to give it more Kinetic Energy (Ek= 1/2xMxV^2) and with a McMillan Stock due to it’s tested accuracy improvement…

    This thing would be a killing machine..

  19. Tikka Koski says:

    a 7mm mag has a ft lb of recoil 19-25
    12 gauge ft lb of recoil is? 17-54

  20. w0lfATTACK says:

    Clean your? room.

  21. InFeRioRRage says:

    good vid?

  22. Davidovich619 says:

    it can be compared? to a 12 gauge with 1oz slugs

  23. Davidovich619 says:

    it would depend on the loads you are? using, if you use heavy loads they could generate a lot of kick. if you just wanted a rifle to shoot all day and is usable for hunting deer and elk maybe consider a 243 winchester

  24. AudioGardenSlave123 says:

    i laughed? when u said howevuh

  25. curtissurfer says:

    Now guys this my seem stupid question but for my first rifle good question? to ask.. My old man has a .270 mag.. That thing kicks my ass every time not a all day shooter gun but would a .308 have just as much kick or more??