RebeccaGuns EDC Pistol Options

RebeccaGuns EDC Pistol Options

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  1. MrNeoFromMatrix says:

    Why no? Glock 26 ?

  2. PAPIGATO787 says:

    we just want simple and Fast info. and lot of edc? visual

  3. geotubeocho says:

    the shield is my second favorite after the solo, due to the solo’s issues I’m leaning towards the shield tho. how u feel about the two finger hold? i know the shield comes with a mag extension. thats the only thing I dont like about the solo, the bulky mag extension. I prefer a pinky extension like the LC9.

    thanks for? your input

  4. geotubeocho says:

    yeah the solo is definitely the most attractive and convenient, but it has a couple of bad reviews due to issues that I like to think have been addressed. I personally don’t mind paying for premium ammo? that I prefer carrying anyway. I find the p232 a bit odd looking.

    how u feel about the two finger hold? the lc9 comes with pinky accommodation right? thats the only thing I dont like about the solo, the bulky mag extension.

    thanks for your input

  5. TehGunNoob says:

    From Rebecca: I would pick the Shield, however I haven’t shot either of the other two. I do own a Kimber Raptor though and it’s finicky. I’ve heard the same of the Solo–not? the most reliable, which is unacceptable in an EDC pistol. I don’t know much about the Cheetah, except that if I have a choice between 9mm and .380, I’m going to go with 9.

  6. TehGunNoob says:

    Noob here. I know Rebecca is a big fan of the Shield so I’m sure that would be her pick. I’ll ask her when I see her next.

    In the meantime, out of those choices, I have lusted after the Solo from day one. I personally carry the Ruger LC9 in a pocket holster for my daily carry (and occasionally the Glock 19 in an IWB depending on? the plans for the day).

    I just asked TJ which he prefers and he said “out of those three I’d pick a Sig P232.”

    Probably not the most helpful answer but still…

  7. geotubeocho says:

    Nice vid, very informative. Im thinking of getting a smaller carry for inside the waist band, but cannot decide between the “shield”, kimber “solo” or the beretta 85? “cheetah”. whats your take on these guns? I know the cheetah is in 380 but I think its a beauty.

  8. Great video, Rebecca! I gotta get my wife to watch this! It’s the perfect “lady’s perspective” she’s been looking? for!

  9. TehGunNoob says:


  10. UrbanArmed says:

    What a fantastic story, I think a lot of people will appreciate the process that is required to find the? “perfect” carry weapon. I know I went through a similar routine. Great video!