Rational Survivor Sog Knife Review

Rational Survivor Sog Knife Review

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  1. Mitchoo16 says:

    That’s what she? said lol

  2. Rational Survivor says:

    For a starter i would look for no serrated edge? and about 4-5 inchs long with full tang blade. (metal runs all the way through the handle)

  3. Rational Survivor says:

    Depends on what your comfortable with. fixed blade? for sure, the rest is up for personal preferences.
    sogknives com

  4. skooljay1 says:

    great review im interested in getting a? SOG knife, do you have any recommendations on a starter one for camping?

  5. TactheMonsta says:

    So I recommend tht? SOG monster to have a paracord lanyard on it for extra control

  6. TactheMonsta says:

    I just put? a para cord lanyard on my SOG seal team elite monster bout 4 hours ago seems to help because I think the blade is so heavy

  7. TactheMonsta says:

    Im a fan of SOG fixed blades, I have the seal team elite knife and it is a fucking monster of a knife I also have a seal pup and seal pup elite, seal pup elite is my knife I always? carry on my belt when I’m camping out doors in and my seal team elite is my fire wood gathering blade, what tht can’t cet I gave a hatchet and a fiskars axe