Ranger Rick’s Budget Survival Kit

Ranger Rick's Budget Survival Kit

Nikola Tesla Secret


  1. supafly3311 says:

    I wouldn’t? trust the condom 🙁

  2. 420ManBong says:

    personally with the? lighter i would have made it a tiny bit linger so i could put the bottom back on the lighter, that way it would stay more protected and not get dirt and sand in it 🙂

  3. I think boodyho is referring to people? who have education, but haven’t the intelligence to use it in a constructive way.

  4. 308Sharpie says:

    A cheque? (or check in American English) is a document that orders a payment of money from a bank account.

  5. brian gillman says:

    bad news when lighters are out of gas they dont have much flint left either so you are setting yourself up for a catastrophic equiptment failure!

  6. Jordan Lynch says:

    you can use the condom if the water is clear enough to light a fire using it as a magnifying? glass

  7. they dont come from spain or italy, i can see something ltd, wexford, irlanda thats spanish for my home country of Ireland so why they didnt write in English is unknown since thats are main spoken language other than irish. I am surprised we just? dont sell the water instead since it rains all the time lol. ,

  8. Hey, you can barely form a coherent sentence. You also ‘quoted’ me without? actually quoting what I said. They teach you that in college? How to pretend someone said something by placing false quotation marks around your interpretation? Some day you’ll learn what grammar is and then, maybe, you can attempt to call someone less educated than yourself. Keep trying, kiddo- you’ll get there.

  9. mikekoz68 says:

    arrogant because I can tell apart languages that anyone who has been on the planet for 40yrs should be able to do/?? “trouble caused by education”?! lol Well good thing you don’t appear to have any so no trouble? from you then

  10. filthymcnasty75 says:

    What? a joke

  11. Metal1USMC says:

    Crap…carry? a god damn lighter and a real knife.

  12. James Turner says:

    I’m curious. ? The water looked very nasty in the vid. I realize that you can boil it to kind of sterilize it. How did you filter the scum from the water. That piece of info would be real nice to those that follow your vids.

  13. Self-centered ignorant American? Because he doesn’t know the romance languages? Sounds like you’re the arrogant clown, buddy ; ) The guy isn’t up here teaching a course in one of your institutions. His knowledge of French, Spanish, Italian, or any other language for that matter is irrelevant. The vast majority of trouble in this world is caused by educated fools.You’re headed for sad times if the way you judge a man is his level of state? education lol. Poor fella’. Take care now

  14. thelittlevoices47 says:

    I have no idea if this has been? covered but in RANGER/survival school they tought to put the condom in a GI issue sock

  15. DestructoDot says:

    Well, you should definitely spend that? money on schooling.

  16. beast12101 says:

    whats a? cheque

  17. @ueamijn u you? re right. i seriously couldnt believe when my brother say this to me. and i can suggest u , i havent expect that i will get a cheque of $350 for surfing internet. i found it from here. you can also try it : bit.ly/VkpC5d?=hpktwxw

  18. gillisledoux007 says:

    You put it in your sock and then you fill? it up….

  19. mythrilite says:

    where would you? put the condom after filling it with the water? They tend to break easily especially when stretched. It’d be pretty sweet if someone invented something like an unbreakable condom.

  20. Alecks Luciferis says:

    Just for your information it was not spanish? nor italian it was FRENCH

  21. Gunja1525 says:

    And now try to cut by your saw branch, which cannot be broken? by hands.

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  23. dadrules714 says:

    wouldn’t give a plug nickle for it. build your own kit. buy good stuff. see the rivet/washer on the knife/ Cheap? Chinese steel too. NFG if it breaks when you need it.
    My grand pop always said;”Buy the best. You’ll never be disappointed.”
    Not sure I’d drink anything w/ a little wang to it. Not a dixie cup aint no coffee mug

  24. Kody Strange says:

    how i? would use my condom:

    step one: sex
    step two: flip it inside out
    step three: fill up with water

  25. mikekoz68 says:

    “I believe Spanish,maybe Italian” lol typical american self centered ignorance. Not taking any advice from an uneducated moron like? this