Pressure Canning & Preserving Meat- A great skill if SHTF

Pressure Canning & Preserving Meat- A great skill if SHTF

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  1. SoCalPreppers says:

    I don’t find that it makes any difference.? and honestly I didnt know that.

  2. Harley Rider says:

    I noticed that your cans were not fully submerged in water before you put the lid on, yet most canning books will instruct you to do so.? Can I ask why you do not fully submerge your cans?

  3. leo bruski says:

    my wife and i are canning ( bigos ) hunters stew our first canning, ur video was fantastic thanks for the info will? be watching your other vids

  4. MrMotelone says:

    I’m a long time fan first? timeconmeents

  5. MrMotelone says:

    can you send me a jar meat? to try

  6. SoCalPreppers says:

    you cant really tell it was canned by the taste, its more of a texture, kinda rubbery… but this too can be changed by cooking before had or afterward depending on the cut of meat or type. the flavor? is gonna be what ever you make it to be. meat they say is good for up to 2 years but depending on about 23 different factors it could be much longer , or shorter. get yourself a book on canners, they are very helpful. thanks for watching!

  7. RayRey4Anarchy says:

    I have 2 questions I’m sure you get asked all the time how does the? meat taste after canning and what is the self life? Thank you for this video it helped me allot

  8. MidwestMiddleClass says:

    THANK YOU for this information.? I am planning to try my hand at canning and I plan to try both beef and chicken. These canning videos are so helpful. Again, thank you.

  9. SoCalPreppers says:

    no, I can always clearly see the steam, i have a pretty good light above my? stove, makes it easy to see whats happining in there.
    happy canning, and thanks for watching,!

  10. snookie65 says:

    I was just checking because when I did my 1st canning I wasn’t able to SEE it vent but it was boiling like crazy and water and steam were coming out of the lock area like crazy (it didn’t lock until I put the regulator on it). I did call Presto and spoke to their master canner today, she assures me if I could hear it (apparently you don’t always SEE the V shape venting )- also said if you can feel air being released through the vent you can start the 10? min. count. Has this ever happened to you?

  11. SoCalPreppers says:

    really depends on how hard its boiling inside.. it could, if it does , that isnt a bad thing… just want to? heat it up slowly, other wise you risk breaking your jars

  12. snookie65 says:

    I have a quick question. Should the lock should pop up before it starts venting, or will it vent before the lock pops? up? Thanks for a great video.

  13. WisconsinEric says:

    I bought the same Presto? pressure canner a couple months ago at a locally owned garden store(Jung) on sale for only $39.99……..that $35 less than WalMart! 🙂

    Then I also got a $5 “Jung Dollar” bill that was good for $5 off my next purchase! I hope to try canning meats soon

  14. SoCalPreppers says:

    Canning salt has a more bitter taste IMO but I dont think ( or know of) there is a differnce over all. for the most part the salt is acting as a? preservative in that most things cant live in a highly salty bath.
    hope that helps/

  15. photovirginiadm says:

    I have a question and hope you can answer it. I saw that you put Kosher Salt in the meat. Can I use? the big box of Pickling/Canning Salt to flavor my meats? I hear everyone using Kosher Salt but I bought the Pickling/Canning Salt when I was just thinking of canning. Now I am all into it and hope to get my Pressure Canner next week and start all of this. I just don’t want the Pickling Salt I bought to go to waste.

  16. creativecompanion says:

    Excellent tutorial. Thank? you.

  17. adamfimby79 says:

    Thanks for posting that,i just got? mine. i am unsertian about the heat on the stove, do you first turn up to high then to medium or low and when do you do that. thank you for your time with this

  18. Terri McGowan-Stanley says:

    Thanks for posting! I have the same canner and? I’m planning on canning a lot of the food my family eats.

  19. SoCalPreppers says:

    depends on wht it is canned with … somewhere between 2 to 5 years I imagin… I havent been in to it this long so I cant be exact… Its all about how you store? it after the processing.

  20. ieahuster says:

    Great video I just bought the same canner online hope to use it alot always good to be prepared. How long? does canned meat last?

  21. Meechee69 says:

    Hey there SoCalPreppers! Love to see that someone else likes All Clad great looking Pot. ? I just got a 21quart All American for Christmas and today when I went to the store they had rump roast on sale, what great luck. Thanks so much for these videos I have learned allot.

  22. Allen2045 says:

    I found? your canning video on your two pressure canners the Presto and the All American. I have the 16 QT Presto. I was doing a test run and nothing. Then I watched your video and seen that you put yours together the correct way. I have been canning ever since…Paula

  23. SoCalPreppers says:

    LOL, well thanks for the kudos,? glad I could help ya!
    take care

  24. Hey Socal, I had to join youtube just to say thank you, I bought a canner last week, then I had to find a video on how to use it! I found you!
    so I sat here all day sunday and watched all your uploads, Great stuff!
    The buttering the corn, sure made me laugh!
    thanks again, for calming? me down!

  25. smoke360ful says:

    do you put water? in with the meat?