Prepping: The Emergency Food & Water Project

Prepping: The Emergency Food & Water Project

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  1. 777deutschalan says:

    Very good video. I know that you made this awhile ago, but I suggest a few 55 gallon drums to increase your water storage capacity. Less space required. You may have considered this already. I have eight 55 gallon drums as? a sturdy base, storing smaller 5 gallon containers on top. I store the cases of 500 ml water bottles closer to the front for easier retrieval/rotation. I also have a Berkey Water filtration system as a back-up in case we need to use water from a near-by creek. Great videos.

  2. SirSneeky1 says:

    you sound like you’re in? a cave…good video though…

  3. SafeArmsReview says:

    turn? up your volume


  4. SequelFinalNight says:

    Can someone PLEASE tell? me what is the safest food storage you can buy with? almost no toxins like Corn Syrup and GMO’s? Organic if possible anyone please help…..

  5. Will McConnel says:

    I love the 5 gallon pale with multiple food idea TY so? much this will make food rotation EZ so I will not end up wasting food which equals money EVER. This will make sure I will not have a-lot of some type off food about to expire around the same time!! BEST TIP EVER

  6. corylee30 says:

    I would advise moving out of the city and having your husband commute to work. Pick a small town 20,000 or less. Its much easier to hit the highway from? a small town than to be trapped in the mess if things really got bad. You are right you are sitting ducks. Find a small house to rent in a peaceful town and buy an inexpensive used car for say $2500.00 thats fuel efficient and commute.

  7. marionetemanJ says:

    Do? you know that Christianity? is correct? The world around us reveals that G-d DOES exist, and the historical evidence reveals that Jesus Christ really did come to this earth and there is overwhelming evidence that Jesus Christ really did physically rise from the dead. Jesus is coming again and the signs? of the end times that were foretold in the Bible are coming to pass.

  8. Thanks for taking the time to share. You seem to have a? great handle on things!

  9. Ike Turner says:

    I am happy to know that you are thinking others than just yourself. Most people are stocking up on guns and ammo to? stop others, even say an old person who knocks on your door begging for something to eat and/or drink. Too many have the attitude: “Tough luck. Get lost” The Bible teaches that “He who seeks to save his life will lose it.” I notice that many preppers have not provided for the disposal of human waste. They should look up the Loveable Loo and the Humanure method of waste disposal.

  10. InsideTroy says:

    Awesome video. Do you list the recipes you used for inside the bucket anywhere? Would love to? see that.

  11. Jerry Williams says:

    Just looked up can? racks on net and found this thought u might b interested…

  12. nifepartie says:

    Little by little is right! My family and I buy a container of dehydrated or such other food, sometimes in #10 cans and sometimes in the large buckets, like Wise Company food. It already comes separated into mylar bags, usually 4 servings per bag, and 60 or 120 servings per container. It seems to be the most popular of the “prepper” food out right now and Amazon even has a deal for 36? buckets. The great? thing about them is they have a 25 year shelf life. No rushing to the store in an emergency.

  13. Cont. 2: Me, having lived through one? natural disaster in which I was forced to nurse at the gov teat, Ive decided that Im going to prep for 3-6 months. Even then I dont expect a disaster of that mag to happen. Its just that I realize the potential of a disaster of the mag exists, & I can practically prepare for it w/o too much disruption. We all draw the line somewhere, including govt and their recommendations. 72 hour prep is going to cover nearly all a citizen is likely to experience.

  14. Cont. 1: That being said. No matter how well you prep the potential exist for a disaster to come that is of such a magnitude that your preperations will be insufficient. A wandering black hole can pass to close? to our solar system and eject the earth from its orbit around the sun. Unless you prepped space suits and oxygen, your screwed. There exist a practical limit on how far you go to prep. There exist a practical limit on far the nation goes to prep. These two are not necessarily equal.

  15. If I recall correctly it was ~72 hours after the 94 Northridge earthquake before FEMA was able to distribute bottled water. 72 hours is the absolute minimum people should be prepare because this is about the quickest the government can react in a run of the mill disaster. The gov advises people to prepare for run? of the mill disasters; disasters that they can deal with. They don’t advise people to prepare for disasters in which the gov. won’t be able to render aid.

  16. dandysoap says:

    Wow! Awesome video prepping selection you are now one of my favorites and so glad to have located these. I knew if I just kept plugging and searching I would find somebody that has a lot to offer. Great information! I wanted to add that the spices you have in your slipt containers, Please, educate yourself on them, because there is Herbal medicine in that box that can add to the benefits within this container & pack supporting info on how to use them. That is my plan for my split? containers.

  17. strocat25 says:

    im trying ive so far got? 250# of rice n beans with oxygen absorbers .. 1 thing i already owned is a good quality 22 magnum rilfe and ive got about 5,000 rounds.. little by little ill get there

  18. Sean Stevens says:

    Your best bet is bulk rice and beans, buying a “kit” of heirloom seeds, some oxygen absorbers, a crank radio and a .22 rifle with lots of ammunition. also make sure you? have cooking oil, not only would this be barter material but you can use cordage from plants and a small dish to make oil lamps

  19. Make your own,get into cooking,dehydrating,gardening,,,,rent a little bit of land,about an acre,no more,preferably with a water source nearby,fence it off? ,6ft nigh,1/4″ wide gauge to keep out deer & rabbits,it really don’t take a lot to do this,Stay on the plot at w/ends,Your own little Shangri La,Hope this helped

  20. johnboywsnc says:

    how? do you intend on protecting your family if people find out you have these items???

  21. strocat25 says:

    do any of? you all know a way to get some of these emergency freeze dried meals at a decent price????? I make a disgusting yearly salary and theres no way in hell I can spend 1000-1500$ on a 1 person 1 year supply of pouch in bucket meals

  22. therealdegenerate1 says:

    Nice, but I am prepping in another way, I am only stockpiling guns and ammo, and about a months worth of food.I am single so I have a pretty good advantage in that regard. I dont have to feed or protect a family. My plan is basically to wait out the main boom of chaos, and start to pick off and loot only the surrounding people, this will give me about another month worth of food, after that I will start going? after bigger targets, as thier supplies start to dwindle. yes im serious

  23. TheGalacticGrappler says:

    SafeArms is right… its wise to have back-up. Even if you did have family nearby; what if you were cut off from access to them? Most of my family live in the same city, but because the way the city is laid out, we are counting on not being able to reach them if the shtf. I kind of get the sense that you don’t know where to start. Start simple and the snowball will grow. Start stocking what you use daily. Rely on vids like this to hold your hand. I? did! Best to you!

  24. TexasRushing says:

    I use the plastic buckets to store food in a simular way as? you. I divide the foods up into meals and one bucket will usually hold three meals for me, my wife and our two kids. I like the buckets with screw on lids and right before sealing them I add a packet of oxygen absorber to the bucket also for extra protection. For water storage you can purchase plastic 55gal barrels that can be stacked 3 high in a homemade rack, only thing is they are not very portable so if you bug out they stay behind.