Prepping : Datrex Emergency Food Rations

Prepping : Datrex Emergency Food Rations

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  1. matthew032012 says:


  2. spiderpig85 says:

    Caloric intake isn’t the whole story. You can carry around a pound of syrup, and by caloric content you should be fine.

    This is obviously ridiculous though. The human? body needs more than fat and sugar to survive, which is virtually all these cookies are.

  3. younginsurvival says:

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  4. thihal123 says:

    Too? long

  5. AntiSecure says:

    Very informative, Added to favorites.
    Thanks for? the upload!

  6. pfizzbones says:

    Maine Prepper is a soldier and active and completely seems to be seasoned on this stuff. He says that this is a screw job. Nothing more than a cookie. Does nothing more than calm a hungry stomach. I agree, little B and C vitamins in this at all. I mix a B-150 vitamin at my work, and this has crap compared to eating a? can of spinach. I agree with his video, that this is a waste. Store bought bars have more nutrients than this. No on Datrex bars for me. I completely agree with you.

  7. 1jtwilleya says:


  8. did u really? need to ask that question.. why bother to do it in your head when u have a calculator, thats why it was invented!

  9. thats why its an ’emergency’ food ration, for when? everything else runs out….

  10. SergeiTheAnarch says:

    I think that the amount of nutrients in the food is more important than the calories. If people lack carbohydrates they lack meaningful energy. If they lack iron they may show signs of anemia. If they lack B and C vitamins their immune system will not be up to snuff. All in all nutrients are far more important to performance than calories.?

  11. Jorgie0101 says:

    I don’t get? it..

  12. it looks like a bag? of marijuana

  13. mark smith says:

    Thank you?

  14. planejet42 says:

    DARN YOU!?

  15. MrGamerstate says:

    ill stick with? the gravy entree

  16. INDPrepper says:

    I would take the extra weight with MREs and some Mountain House meals just because they would taste better than the Datrex bars or almost any life raft kind of rations.?

  17. 2010blackhawkdown says:

    Actually in a survival situation the amount of calories increases. In a desert it goes up to? around 4000

  18. BigManEliT3 says:

    Not hating here but did you really need a calculator for that basic 4th? grade math?

  19. michelexe65 says:

    the rule is 1 (one) calorie for kilo per hour for an absolute maximum of 2100/2200 calories for people who? work in a office. 2500 calories is for really active people who made hard work like a contruction worker

  20. TheJamesbrother says:

    i would get a few peanut butters and put it on the bars?

  21. CuckingFracked2 says:

    A LOT of every day foods have caramel in it 😉 Caramel color is one of the oldest and most widely-used food colorings, and is found in almost every kind of commercially produced food, including: batters, beer, brown? bread, buns, chocolate, cookies, cough drops, spirits and liquor such as brandy, rum, and whisky, chocolate-flavored flour-based confectionery, coatings, custards, soft drinks (especially colas), sweets, vinegar, and more.

  22. dean24ish says:

    when he said just the bare neccesities, i had a jungle book movie flashback and now its stuck in my head?

  23. spydercolover100 says:

    what? kind of camera are you using?

  24. mrrrtonygreer says:

    Yea but those? wouldn’t be filling and would taste like SHIT!

  25. lickmybrains says:

    me? too 😛