Prepping: Beginners, “The Basics” Part 1 “Food Storage”

Prepping: Beginners,

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  1. technician775 says:

    also, ask more? questions if you need to or send me a private message, i can send links. Steve

  2. technician775 says:

    Hi, yes, you can look at company’s who sell food in #10 steel cans. They can supply you? with good food at a good price, also look into mylar bags from LDS. Excellent way to store food and will not break. Hope this helps….. Steve

  3. GirlyPrep911 says:

    im afraid the glass will break i am a prepper and dont want? to loss special food that ii might posibley need alot of.. is there i way i can store them and i dont like useing ziplock with food

  4. technician775 says:

    hi, look on ebay, for a good used one. most have a jar attachment on them,? you can go to any store and find them, if you need more help, please let me know……happy holidays!

  5. Altistar1 says:

    Love your videos! Where did you get your food saver? I definately want the one you have, so that I? can seal food in jars. Thank you 🙂

  6. technician775 says:

    hi, thank? you very much for the nice complement, i am glad i could help, have a very wonderful and safe holiday, again, thank you, comments like yours make all the work worth it ! steve

  7. Barbara Webb says:

    thanks for helping the newer ones get started ! there are so many that want to start prepping but just don’t know how to start ! what is sad is they? don’t know to come here… youtube is where i turned to start my prepping and people like you are the ones that got me to where i am at now ! thank you and GOD bless you !

  8. technician775 says:

    oh, and? thank you for the complement….

  9. technician775 says:

    hi, please do not try and re-can soups, processed foods only have a limited amount of shelf life, re-canning will not work, start? rotating your can foods, FIFO, first in first out, rotate stocks, that is the safest way….and sorry i can’t help much with Kosher foods….good luck with your preps…….


    Good video, thank you. I was wondering if you can re,can things like brand name canned soups into jars so they last longer then the 2 or 3 years? stamped on the can and also if you know anything about canning Kosher foods.
    shalom from florida..

  11. technician775 says:

    hi, yes the cola soda bottles, wash them out really well, dry and? start packing, something packed is better than nothing…..good luck, hope things work out well for you…. please let me know if you need more info…….steve

  12. coloredrose1988 says:

    ok thanks! what about soda bottles, the ones where you normally have cola in that is soft drinks bottles right? I’m from one of the countries who has to keep greece up, alot of people are? prepping here… its all coming down real fast now..

  13. technician775 says:

    hi, look for any seal-able container, soft drink bottles, etc, the jars in Europe are a different type, i forget what they? call them…….but look for any type resealable containers……

  14. coloredrose1988 says:

    I live in europe and i cannot find the jars you put all the food in, i can’t seem to find? where you can buy them

  15. technician775 says:

    you are very welcome, i am glad it? helped..steve

  16. technician775 says:

    you are very welcome, i am glad it? helped….steve

  17. thanks? for the great vids, it is greatly appreciated.

  18. Grass Hopper says:

    I use a Dymo? label printer with the large labels

  19. technician775 says:

    i am going there !? THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. johnrk556 says:

    Steve-just learned this weekend that Lowe’s online is 50% off on canning jars right? now. I’m getting ready to order!

  21. EliDaScienceGuy says:

    If something does happen I’m gonna hit the road?

  22. technician775 says:

    Hi Jennifer, if you look, i did say the # 10 can sealer was very expensive, i did not mention anything? about the # 10 can sealer being cheap, they are not! I would suggest using the 1 gallon mylar bags from LDS or another source that has them, they? need to be thick to hold up, say away from the 4 mil bags in my opinion. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and thanks for watching

  23. technician775 says:

    Hi,? you can store your odds and ends in mason jars, keeps everything in place, i would get the white plastic lids for the mason jars as they are easy to remove. Thanks for watching……

  24. technician775 says:

    Hi, great point, it is a good idea to have extra empty mason jars as well for cooked food, water storage, the list? goes on and on. Canning your garden harvest is an excellent way to use the jars as well…thanks for the ideas…keep ’em coming 🙂