NEW – SOG Seal Team Elite Knife Review – Best Survival and Military Knife?

NEW - SOG Seal Team Elite Knife Review - Best Survival and Military Knife?

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  1. paulie4x1 says:

    Will the S.O.G. Seal? Team Elite be available on the Plain blade, I Don’t like narration, Than You in Advance.

  2. tarzanizcool says:

    Thanks!? You too!

  3. knifenforge says:

    Can you please do a? video review of the SOL survival kit

  4. UltimateSurvivalTips says:

    Roger that! Thanks bro!? ~David

  5. UltimateSurvivalTips says:

    Thanks… my newer videos don’t? have the 5 min of video anymore… It’s a long story. Anyway… I don’t have to do it anymore. Take care. ~David

  6. UltimateSurvivalTips says:

    Thank you bro!? ~David

  7. UltimateSurvivalTips says:


  8. UltimateSurvivalTips says:

    Hi Jeff… Awesome! Bring it on bro! I could say a lot about your comment… and what I think we need to do in America to get great America products rolling again… but, I am? resisting… Anyway, thanks man! Blessings to you bro! And God Bless America! ~David

  9. UltimateSurvivalTips says:


  10. caleb long says:

    Haha i love the? motto

  11. Jeff Novak says:

    This and all your reviews seem to me to be some of the best on the whole internet. …I did want to comment though this disturbing fact: neither SOG nor Coldsteel products are made in the USA. It is time Americans buy American made goods-period. More and more I am doing this, EVEN when I know the product? is not as good a value. Tandem to that, we as Americans need to step up our game and restore quality and faith in our goods as some of the best in the world as they were in times past.

  12. That knifes? clean.Hey let me hold that.Ah nigga let me hold SumN.Let me hold SumN.

  13. Bruce Wayne says:

    I just got the? SOG SEAL Team knife for Christmas as I’m starting in the Australian Army as as Infantry Soldier in February. Does anybody know if I will be able to use it (post-basic training)? I heard that there are certain rules that a Combat Knife must follow to be allowed, and I hope my knife is allowed.
    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

  14. itzmacker says:

    This is? a very very good quality and informative review. Thanks

  15. alaskanhybrid says:

    I hope? you dont have to use that knife as intended if you know what I mean.

  16. Taylor Lemke says:

    agree it seems like many people say Gerber makes knives that really are not as great?

  17. Taylor Lemke says:

    I have a SOG Seal Pup and i want to ask. Is this a knife that is going to brake the first time i use it?? Or is this a knife that is not easy to brake? This is my first SOG i have bought.

  18. BushcraftingBoy says:

    thanks!this is? a great vid

  19. tarzanizcool says:

    Really nice, interesting, and informative video. Good job. One small thing though. Why do you have 5 minutes? of music and advertisement at the end. But that’s just me being picky. Good video, I just subscribed.

  20. oneeyedpatriot says:

    Great review.? Great knife!

  21. UltimateSurvivalTips says:

    Thanks Bro… And thanks for serving! ~David?

  22. Reeyad Persaud says:

    Nice review. I bought the? the SEAL Pup Elite for my upcoming deployment so can’t wait to use in the field. Really like your channel keep up the good work….

  23. Gottalotta Throwingknives says:

    hey man? i like sog over gerber anyday

  24. UltimateSurvivalTips says:

    Depends what you want to do… I personally carry the LMF II more than the Seal Team Elite. The LMF II is? a bit more versatile. Check out my review of the SOG Force also, if you like the Seal Team Elite and want more of a survival vs. a tactical knife. Take care. ~ David

  25. cole ramirez says:

    which do you think is better Gerber LMF II or sog seal team elite. I want to get one? of these for christmas