My 10 Favorite EDC Knives!

My 10 Favorite EDC Knives!

Nikola Tesla Secret


  1. Locutus D'Borg says:

    Legality. In many states 3″ is the limit, so if you travel at all, 3″ is a good legal blade.?

  2. MrTheman892 says:

    what is your favorite?

  3. Daniel Baldassare says:

    just wondering why do you like the smaller sized knifes when you can? cut bigger things with a larger knife?

  4. Crazedblades46 says:

    you can also get? the dragonfly 2 in g10

  5. spydercofan99 says:

    Great vid!? nice knives! ya i saw an apache at a knife show for $110….. so you got it for a great price

  6. WILLZIAAK says:

    It may only be available in certain locations,? I hope you find it!

  7. I can’t find the Salvo at any Walmart stores here in? Florida.
    5-1-11@ 12:52am

  8. WILLZIAAK says:

    It’s an awesome knife! What spyderco has been sending? out of taiwan is awesome lately.

  9. WILLZIAAK says:

    The delica is awesome for EDC, thanks? for watching!

  10. WILLZIAAK says:

    I EDCed it for awhile but then decided it i wanted to keep it relatively nice and put it in the safe.?

  11. WILLZIAAK says:

    It’s a? great knife, I’m sure you’d like it.

  12. PavlovSandor says:

    any of the swiss army knives will last a life time. a delica is definitely on the list. have you used the delica 3 or squirreled it away.?

  13. PavlovSandor says:

    i use my kershaw skyline as my off hand pocket knife. easy to open with the bad hand. lol. it just flips open and sinks in the hand well. itd be my main knife if i didnt like bigger blades. its not a delica but? i love my byrd meadowlark lately. just drop it in the pocket instead of clipping it. cuz the clip is super tight. but thats good. at about 20 bucks they come super sharp. and ive finally brought myself to using it. i love my ss dragonfly. i was impressed with the frn dragonfly.

  14. I like chokwe!?

  15. TheLazySpoiledKitty says:

    Very nice blades man!!!!? Love the chokwe, i want to get that one.

  16. thomassmyth65 says:

    great edc choices, love the delica also?

  17. yeah lol.?

  18. WILLZIAAK says:

    I tend to lean towards that price bracket with my? purchases. Thanks for watching!

  19. WILLZIAAK says:

    Great knife if you? don’t mind having a full sized fixed blade with you all the time. Thanks for watching!

  20. best edc knife is tha good ol american KABAR USMC fighting knife?