Most Tactical AR15… EVER!

Most Tactical AR15... EVER!

Nikola Tesla Secret


  1. SirJarred says:

    Your comprehension skills are very poor.? This video is satire.

  2. james milligan says:

    squierl hunting will never be the? same

  3. I? think it is on the other side of the weapon…. Waiting to see if he attach a video camera….. “Geardos” you got to luv them….

  4. Too much “Candy” will upset you! Try and hump that thing a click or two and see what happens. Keep it simple,? keep it up for what the mission is, and don’t be a “Geardo” freak!

  5. ??? How old are you? kid?

  6. Jesus Morales says:

    what in? the actual fuck….

  7. No, dude. This is really helpful? for anyone who owns an AR-15. I’m gonna set mine up like this and kill more Taliban. Idiot.

  8. Alexander Keyso says:


  9. Joseph Craven says:

    lol? wow

  10. jontrevoraltman says:

    I agree with Joe, needs a can opener and also some sanitizing liquid for the? blood stains it will create!

  11. jontrevoraltman says:

    Ok, props for a? bad ass video! LOL! Gotta watch those Tac Store Rangers!

  12. gundam116 says:

    sorry but this is just so fucken stupid?

  13. Joe Bilello says:

    Wheres? the can-opener?

  14. IS300forlife says:

    FUNNY VIDEO by the way…..lmao!?

  15. IS300forlife says:

    If you had any REAL military background(which I doubt) like myself, You’d know that you WON’T be able to hold all that CRAP for more than 5 minutes. Until you have been in the “shit” like my men and me, You’ll find out that 2X 15+1 rd 9mm Sig handgun, 4X 30 rd mag with MAGOUL CLAMPS(that don’t shred in the elements) short barrel AR-15 with light, laser, red dot scope, and forward grip will be a lot to carry already. So if? you need 2 bi pods just so you can hold up the weight, HIT THE GYM SON!

  16. ugly … sorry? ..

  17. Nate Miller says:

    whats with the tap on the mags. All that money and? you could not buy magoul clamps

  18. DeftQuiver says:

    Hahahaha… The Bipod up agains? the wall was priceless.

  19. BLS4Health says:

    wtf is wrong with all you people.. read his description, its clearly meant as a joke. typical see what you want to see, read the damn fine print and you would know what is going on. by the way i have the same set up as he does. so f%c^ off.? <--for all you shit serious people..

  20. LawnNome5248 says:

    Why would you not run your AR with that many mods??

  21. Tactical snacks? You mean? your “tactical” crack…. cool AR though.

  22. Silas Longshot says:

    LOL! 2 of everything! Wonder how long you can hold that collection of every gadget that could fit onto it up in firing position? Why don’t you buy 3 more AR’s and spread all those goodies around into a little more lightweight packages!
    And after spending all that money, you still TAPE your mags together??

    Got a clue for ya son….’tactical’ ain’t cabbage you can bolt onto your weapon. TACTICAL is training and mindset to use whatever weapon is? at hand to maximum effect.

  23. Craig Washington says:

    He plays too? much HALO…you don’t need all that stuff.