Military Surplus Savings Survival Kit Build, Equip 2 Endure

Military Surplus Savings Survival Kit Build, Equip 2 Endure

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  1. mindprizn says:

    I? found a great site with a lot of relevant info and awesome ebooks!

  2. MitchellChicky says:

    Great vid, it’s such a shame these items are about double the price here in Australia and a lot? of the American stores won’t ship here.

  3. 0351dragons says:

    price keeps going up and alot of it has mildew issues so becareful when buying. you could make yourself sick. there is alot of knock offs items as well if? your a collector. otherwise alot of it is very good stuff but you wont see people who are trying to go light using this stuff. i say, gear needs to last and this gear will last great vid

  4. James Dale Reed says:

    My wife And I love the National Soldier Factory, I have found a lot of great Military Gear. I’m a Prepper and? I go for the Newest Military Gear Because it’s rugged and Battle tested so i know i’m getting my money’s worth. Keep up the good work.

  5. QRFCombatVET says:

    Can u tell us the prices? for each item in ur future videos?

  6. J3Wburner6K6K6K says:

    and he doesnt have the cast on anymore. he got it taken off the day we went back to town. It was amazing. Oh and 1 more thing. my stepfather gave me a knife that he bought when he was 17 (the year he joined the reserves) and i got it? nice and super sharp, and you gave me the idea and i cant seem to stop cutting my arm hair with it! Well anyway i got to go, Peace bro.

  7. J3Wburner6K6K6K says:

    Lol, not problem. Yeah we went camping last weekend actually, i brought a friend? that doesnt go camping too often and now thats all he wants to do. And btw. i have to tell you this. we went camping about 2 weeks after my friend broke his finger, the doctor could not move the bones in his finger into the proper position so he had a cast he was going to have on for 3 1/2 months. anyway, when we were trying to sleep i rolled over on his finger by mistake, it moved the bones back into place!!

  8. Equip2Endure says:

    Just noticed this reply Justin, sorry it took to long. Would it be wrong to tell you I am laughing way to hard right now? I’m sorry your trip wasn’t better, but I really do appreciate the laugh you gave me. Please tell me you will plan? another camping trip. It can only get better . . . I hope. Take care my friend and feel free to share you stories any time.

  9. Can I take my? Xbox 360 too?

  10. Fuxwit Chu says:

    I also forgot to mention, your videos are better than alot of the preparedness videos on youtube. You dont antagonize people who dont always agree with the gear you choose. That just goes to show that even if SHTF, we can still get along without us all using the same gear. Keep up the great? videos and i hope we can survive anything.

  11. spicecrop says:

    I went to an Army surplus type store recently and EVERYTHING was way over? priced.

  12. ogjsizzle says:

    Mac tools has a? light exactly like that which features a flash system

  13. Equip2Endure says:

    We welcome your opinion. Thanks for the input and? for watching

  14. Fuxwit Chu says:

    Now im not knocking the gear yall advertise but, im the kind of? guy that would rather spend $60 on a MOLLIE ACU External Frame Pack with quick release shoulder straps in case you get into combat situation or your pack gets hung up while your on the move. Just that pack can carry a months worth of food, clothes, gear, ammo, and much more including simple comforts like books and your extra big boy/girl undies.

  15. 6’3″ holly crap my son? is the same height ! You don’t look that tall on camera ! By the way there is nothing wrong with surplus at all ! Built to last,and that’s why it’s still around ! Just have to watch out for the cheap import knock off ‘s ! That stuff is just JUNK !

  16. Equip2Endure says:

    Thanks? for the tip and for watching.

  17. FierceGunz says:

    hey Adam (or anybody? else), don’t know if u know this but in this vid u made a comment about glow stick expiration. glow sticks can still be good WAY pass their expiration date as long as they are kept in their foil packaging.

  18. AlWayZFrE3 says:


    Do you have any thoughts on the Condor Multi-wrap and other gear by the same company? I literally just found you guys today and I’m doing a marathon of your videos regarding gear before I check out the skills and such, so I’m not so up-to-date with your preferences on everything, but you do seem like the people to ask. Also, I’d like a good survival knife that? won’t break the bank. Is a KA-BAR enough or should I get something else?

    Thanks 😀

  19. acerb45666555 says:

    If anyone here is new to bush life, get the proper bear spray. Human pepper spray wont work on bear’s. And each person in you’re group need’s theyre own can. Get? the most powerful long reaching spray available. Use only if bear comes right at you in a rush. Try get him before he gets within 20 feet.

  20. acerb45666555 says:

    In these army surplus? stores you can get everything you need to go into the bush for a very long time.

  21. J3Wburner6K6K6K says:

    ok so this? is how it went. We couldn’t go because my friend couldn’t get his money until next monday, so we decided to go camping instead, it rained all day so it took forever to get a fire going. then we finished all 3 of our shelters and started cooking and my friend fell and broke his finger, and while we were about half way back to town on an 1 1/2 hour drive we saw a chicken cross the road. And on top of that my brother stepped on a hornets nest….. Sometimes it’s better to stay inside…

  22. Equip2Endure says:

    Hey Justin, so glad you found Equip2Endure. Thanks for watching and the support. I hope you and your friends enjoy both the E2E channel and our website. Good luck with your trip to the army surplus store – let? us know how it goes. Take care

  23. J3Wburner6K6K6K says:

    @equip2endure I am going to an army surplus in a? few days, I just found about E2E yesterday, and im glad I did. Thank you for the vids and i’ll tell my friends about you, were all into this kinda stuff. Peace
    -Justin S.

  24. TheKodiak72 says:

    the expiration dates on the glowsticks arent to live by, ive cracked sticks that were? 5 years out of date, still worked fine

  25. 7llllllllll says:

    i combine surplus with stuff from ‘outdoor’-shops. besides the color-schemes, the surplus stuff has most in time the best price-performance ratio. just go for original or ‘tru-spec’ surplus. avoid buying mess kits, drinking bottles and sleeping bags? ..