Micro Survival Kit, E2E – Wilderness Survival

Micro Survival Kit, E2E - Wilderness Survival

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  1. andrew boots says:

    you? make the best videos

  2. SupportTheARA says:

    Great video! Thank you!?

  3. firefightin6 says:

    love your videos, music sounds like cheesy porn? music tho. lol

  4. TheMrAlexrj says:

    is some countries this kind? of knife is forbiden,

  5. woodsmokebob says:

    Hmmm. all those? sharp blades and no first aid items…..

  6. i just made my micro tin. i didnt really like the idea of an altoids tin beacause personally they are to big to? carry around. a kit this size covers most of my needs.

  7. NewbieCamper says:

    Great? video. Thanks for taking time to educate!
    One comment – if carrying foil to use as a ‘water carrier’ (besides signalling), it doesn’t work well for that purpose. A ziplock type bag – even without the ‘zip’ to fold smaller – would be a handy addition re water carry.
    Cheers, J

  8. MrKnifeman123 says:

    1? thing i recommend is a wistle

  9. DrShakalu619 says:

    Would it be better? to swap that gerber clutch for a swiss mini champ?

  10. Braxton Walton says:

    GERBER CLUTCH! 😀 Although I love that multi tool, I have since upgraded to a Leatherman Wave as it better? suits my outdoor needs

  11. RummyStarShip says:

    i was actually talking about the little spark-lite? you have in your survival kit 😛 i know all too much about county comm and peanut lighters 😀

  12. Equip2Endure says:

    ,? it’s a peanut lighter from county comm

  13. Edward Trollston says:

    what did? you say at the start

  14. Equip2Endure says:

    the ka-bar sheath is from? Hedgehog Leatherworks, great company. I have a review of their Tom Brown Tracker T1 sheath. I will have a review of the Ka-Bar sheath out soon.
    – Adam

  15. T1meW4st3d says:

    Good stuff dood! I like ur E.D.C. I would like to see more about ur K-Bar sheath, I use and old school K-Bar my self and i need? a new sheath. great vid, keep em comin.

  16. Good Video, long intro lol! Like the? idea!

  17. Equip2Endure says:

    Thanks, I hope they get better as? you get more into them. Take care.

  18. New subscriber here. Wanted to start at the beginning, so far so? good. These videos look amazing.

  19. Kirbzturb says:

    cool I want? one!

  20. geetarshredman says:

    i like it man. keep em commin, you got yourself? a new subscriber

  21. HedgehogLeatherworks says:

    Nice video buddy! Keep em’ coming!!!?