Medium EDC Knife Options

Medium EDC Knife Options

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  1. Kershaw Nerve,? Ontario RAT 1

  2. munkyboy735 says:

    How much? is a spyderco tenacious

  3. smoking420penguin says:

    spyderco tenacious?

  4. ndk101096 says:

    What are some good options that are? under $50.00 ?

  5. Locutus D'Borg says:

    Try the Benchmade mini-Barrage (or plain? Barrage for larger size). It is spring assisted and just a fabulous knife for the price. Fast as lightning and sharp as the devil. I have the black serrated blade with black handles. Bought on Amazon.

  6. Glasses Guy says:

    whats? the name of the song in the intro?

  7. Smudge1088 says:

    0:18 to? skip the annoying intro.

  8. dude you? sound like dane cook. Lol

  9. Wow I i haven’t heard that song? since 2008 in rock and 😀

  10. 806eelmas says:

    thanks for this video, I learned a lot. I’m in the market of getting my EDC knife. I like? the random leek and the mini cyclone, but can’t find them.

  11. edgedweapon88 says:

    I have tried many? other brands but do not like what they have to offer. There is a good mix of spyderco, benchmade and kershaw in this video which adds to variety. If you prefer other knives/companies by all means dont let this video hinder you from using them. These are MY EDC options.

  12. deadman66691978 says:

    Kinda brand myopic in my opinion but there are a? few nice blades in there.

  13. egasinika says:


  14. matt mick says:


  15. edgedweapon88 says:


  16. matt mick says:

    Where do you suggest buying Spyderco Knives??

  17. THEFUDGECUBE says:

    Spyderco are so? cool!

  18. gacountryboy389 says:

    My favorite edc blade of all time is the crkt ripple. Amazingly razor sharp and holds the edge for a long time, even after daily use. I had one for over a year that my dad gave me as a gift before it got stolen in gatlinburg. It sucked, me and my dad were pissed, he took off in a car and ran like a bitch. More sentimental to me than anything. But? I’ve handled lots of knives and that was by far my favorite one

  19. Jack Broughten says:

    What? ddo you think of the SOG Flash 1?

  20. MrBob1173 says:

    I have a knife just like the kershaw junkyard dog but it’s made by fury and I can’t find it anywhere if? anyone has any info on it please tell me

  21. edgedweapon88 says:

    Sage would be in medium and the PM2 would be a high medium or low large. ?

  22. entwistle14 says:

    what category would you? put the Spyderco PM2 and the sage 1?

    – Jack

  23. airsoftpro70 says:

    all hale? spydercooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  24. MegaPillowman says:

    would you be willing to sell the spyderco kukhuri ?