M1903A3 Springfield Rifle Review

M1903A3 Springfield Rifle Review

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  1. MrDickfish says:

    Mine is the same, that is a sporterised stock, probable? redone after WW II. You can get Military full length stocks for $75-$100

  2. GeorgiaBoy1961 says:

    Mauser sued Springfield and the USG and won his case – so there is a basis for your claim, but it is a great rifle in its own right and one of the most accurate bolt-action service rifles ever? made.

  3. jorden bob says:

    you? can one for$ 800$ at Military Misc

  4. viking93ify says:

    mauser rip? off..

  5. ole høyaas says:

    U.S.A use krag under first? world war and m16 under the vietnam var. the only contry use this gun under ww2 was englend

  6. James Southerland says:

    Double check your dates. I don’t think the 1903 A3 was? produced until after the onset of WWII.

  7. right on buddy…my? butt stock is original,still has marking of “p” w a circle around it.top of barrel exposed ,no bands…pappy also put a scope on it

  8. metalfreak1023 says:

    i believe? its a sporting stock. its just the under with no handguard. i have one thats the same way- no bands, just the pistol grip handle made of walnut. the whole top of the barrel is exposed. it also came with a redfield iron sight, looks like a scope could screw inside, but i just dont know enough to be sure!

  9. Jason Wallace says:

    Hey Sootch, great vid i must say, and has to be my favorite bolt action of all time, i’ve loved it since i first seen “Saving Private Ryan” as Private Jackson’s sniper rifle 😀 (my favorite war movie of all time lol), quick question tho…WHERE CAN I GET 1!? lol and? how much does the price start at? most of the gun shops around me look at me like im stupid when i ask for 1 since they say they can find specific guns for you :/ definitely a nice piece of history to own…

  10. i have a 03a3 i got? from my pap when i was 16…its identical to this rifle…built in aug 1943..except mine has more exposed barrel length….the front stock/handle grip only goes 1/2 way up barrel….anybody?

  11. smartacus88 says:

    haha, thats a? poorly disguised mauser

  12. leesherman100 says:

    He calls the stacking swivel an additional sling mount? which is incorrect. Otherwise not to bad a video.

  13. ToyGuns101 says:

    Easily one of my all time favorites.?

  14. thinh7993 says:

    God bless America and long live the Republic. All Republican are gun maniac lol!
    Just? kidding

  15. AdrianDotis says:

    good ol’ Amausercan? rifle.

  16. napoleonbonaparttte says:

    Good? review

  17. misterrogers0 says:

    You’re retarded, and illiterate. You’re putting words in my mouth so you can feel better about your self. Learn about what you’re talking about before saying others don’t.
    Volleys have been around longer than you’re grandparents grandparents.? So again saying it was rarely used is as practical as saying saying RDB or? DB is obsolete and “rarely” used

  18. Yes you’re right, they were shooting with sniper rifles. Each and? Everybody. Past 500 yards. In Stalingrad. You’re clearly 5 years old. I’m sorry to have bothered you.

    Ma va sul porco dio:P:P

  19. misterrogers0 says:

    They were highly popular and during the battle of stalingrad, that was basically? ALL the russians and germans and everyone else was were and that’s what we relied on we needed them in 1873 and we need them up to 2012. Just because not every person was shooting past 500 yards does not mean it was “obsolete” that’s all we relied on when it came to efficiently taking out leaders and cutting off there plans of attack.

  20. Come on, sniper rifles aren’t? used by the whole infantry are they? I’m quitting, it’s like talking to a rubber wall

  21. misterrogers0 says:

    There would be no need for x50+ rifles and sniper variants if there was not need. finnish were the one to produce everything new and differently, They never mass produced parts, only ones to replace the damaged sights when going through an? arsenal.

  22. That’s right, but mass long range engagements went out of any military tactic in the first 1900’s; assault rifles wouldn’t have been invented if it wasn’t so:)… M39 were made so just because it would have been ridiculous to design and produce? new sights for a rifle 70 yrs old destined to reserve troops

  23. misterrogers0 says:

    I wish finnish mosins had aperture sights :/ you would think with them being so picky about accuracy and quality they would give it? good sights.

  24. misterrogers0 says:

    finnish m39s were made in the? 60s and still graduated to those sights, the only rifles that had short arshins were carbines….. The exact reason is what I said to lob bullets in the beaten zone, to hit enemies without even seeings them…..