“Level 1” First Aid Kit by Nutnfancy

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  1. MrKiwi5150 says:

    Hey Nutn? I didn’t see any gloves in this one, but still impressive work like always.

  2. jessiroy1000 says:

    what’s? the size of the mylar bag ?

  3. Thanks for? another informative video.

  4. madtoonage says:

    18:56 did i hear? you correct, you “skwooze”?

  5. FilmCrewTech says:

    Where’s part 2 of Level 1? first aid???

  6. Steve Miller says:

    I am an RN working in ICU. I have access to things that many people do not, make friends with an ICU nurse.. they might be able to help you out finding some of these things! The current antiseptic used for surgical procedures is Chlorhexadine,? it is broader spectrum than Betadine. I would include, tweezers, a pair of folding scissors, an exacto blade (if you can’t get a scalpel blade) and a small hemostat. The Loperamide is an essential, I would also include benadryl capsules with the meds.

  7. cayceredman5 says:

    I? use chapstick in place of vasaline or neosporin, it packs light & you don’t have repack it in to put a new tube or vial.

  8. Daisy Cutter says:

    been enjoying your vids, esp. the philosophies you have for each piece of gear you carry. Just a comment on the suture you have in your level 1 kit (I am a general surgeon), for closing lacs we typically use a non-absorbable monofilament like prolene, nylon, or ethilon. Braided sutures cause more inflammatory reaction in the skin and may have a higher infection rate. Also, just curious? what the silk ties are for in your level 1 kit. Looking forward to watching your vids on your level 2 kit.

  9. TheSuburban15 says:

    Gonna? use a camp stove or light a fire? Burn cream? Okay, so I found it in my old J&J first aid kit, but it’s probably a good idea.

  10. ctazandrew says:

    Nutnfancy-do you have a list? of the items in your level 1 kit?

  11. nutnfancy says:

    Great tip! Thanks for watching!? — Veri

  12. Thanks for another excellent adn informative video, Man. Neosporin came in? handy in the wilds of Guatemala for treating chapped lips (I promise). it worked amazingly well.

  13. UcanbeGOD says:

    Man, the thought of sewing someone up makes my stomach turn. I can usually handle blood and guts but shoving a needle through someone, I don’t know about all that.

  14. Nathaniel Dorr says:

    Great info man, thank you! Good stuff? for sure!

  15. teddclark says:

    That intro track just made the hair? stand up on the back of my neck. That track is awesome…who is that???

  16. mtsarkful says:

    make sense…?

  17. szybkilopez566 says:

    Because they are intended for? Canadian market too. (I’m guessing)

  18. TheRugercat45 says:

    Could you tell me the name? of the powder antiseptic, been looking for something like that, and powder antibiotics too.

  19. whatbuttondoipush says:

    I would throw in some water proof bandages like surgeons use, I had one on after my appendectomy and I was told not to remove it for a week or two, even in the shower. Also some super glue would be good too, it hardens on contact with the oil on your skin and is almost as good a? stitches, super light weight too and hard to mess up.

  20. SabbathSOG says:

    antiseptic powder is a better description.?

  21. SabbathSOG says:

    use a powder disinfectant for? open wounds. Much neater.

  22. SabbathSOG says:

    Think about using things for first aid besides the items big corporatons want? to sell you.

  23. SabbathSOG says:

    You do not? need band-aids. Medical tape with an antibactierail ointment works fine. It will not stick to the wound. It works.

  24. mtsarkful says:

    why some of the? items you show there have french text on them?

  25. Maison Horne says:

    Nutn, over the years I have litterally trained myself to take notes on your videos.
    The information is just too good? to forget! Thanks, man!