Large EDC Knife Options

Large EDC Knife Options

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  1. jamezyboy11 says:

    i need 1 that has? a blade under 3 inches

  2. bladesandguns321 says:

    are there any blade? restrictions where you live?

  3. I carry a Bowie in the? open just to upset the libs. But I carry my sog seal pup or kershaw military knife every day. Love them

  4. Golan Silver says:

    @tannersdubstep just because you fuckin love kabars doesn’t mean he has to talk about them and maybe he does have? them god your a selfish bitch

  5. edgedweapon88 says:

    Yes I own several. However, I did not have any at the time this video was made.?

  6. TannersDubstep says:

    Just wondering, do? you own any Ka Bar knives? They are my favorite name when it comes to anything knife related but you seem to not even acknowledge their exist

  7. Lovebryanr1 says:

    Thanks! I think, I’m going with the Kershaw Blur or Leek…..probably just get? them both.

  8. edgedweapon88 says:

    Benchmade Barrage, Kershaw Blur, Kershaw Leek, Kershaw Piston….. anything? from Kershaw!

  9. Lovebryanr1 says:

    I’m looking? for a really good edc assisted folder. You got any in mind? that are excellent?.
    Thanks!! subbed!

  10. Lovebryanr1 says:

    Just? what I was thinking!!

  11. officialWSC7000 says:

    the green one is dope? !!

  12. eaglemasterdan says:

    That waved endura is a thing of? beauty

  13. Stephen Leslie Wright says:

    O.K.,? thanks.

  14. carbonsteelblade says:

    Because your comment was kinda? funny.

  15. Stephen Leslie Wright says:

    I didn’t know what it meant. You’re? not born with this knowledge, you find out by asking.

  16. Stephen Leslie Wright says:

    What’s ” lol!? “?

  17. carbonsteelblade says:


  18. What wud be a cheap but relly good? hard use tough edc

  19. Luis Silva says:

    Very good review. Thanks for? sharing.

  20. Frank Leone says:

    That spyderco captain is a cool looking knife. What is your opinion on the Blackhawks CDQ markII? I purchased one a few months ago and I love? it. Don’t leave home without it!

  21. DYslightproduct MX says:

    Not to be mean, but WOW. How do you not know that??

  22. Robbie Mckown says:

    For EDC i carry smooth? blade knives

  23. bashfulbrother says:

    Man, I think those spyderco’s? look ugly.

  24. edgedweapon88 says:

    Every Day? Carry

  25. SBydalek22 says:

    What’s edc??