KRS-One Disaster Kit (Official Video) Prod. By MAD LION

KRS-One Disaster Kit (Official Video) Prod. By MAD LION

Nikola Tesla Secret


  1. TTheRealityy says:

    KRS one is incredible, but 50 is actually doing something, his SK project is feeding millions, his headphones/drink are giving back, jay-z, kanye west, p diddy, bidman, lil wayne, these so called legends aren’t doing anything like this, and his? big 10 outro on his mixtape, i suggest every1 takes a quick peak, he’s more conscious, hes worth so much he could die any day for speaking to much, but their are examples of him doing a form of exposing…2pac is the greatest ever in my opinion

  2. initialknights says:

    I wanna hang? with him in a zombie apocalypse .

  3. Maria Vega says:


  4. Tell? it like it is.

  5. Crazytaru1 says:

    Thank god you’re alive and? I can hear you speak, man. I’m hungry to hear more KRS songs and interviews.

  6. Mark Lowe says:

    Who wants to hear kris over some classic head noddin BOOM BAP BEATS on? this album

  7. K.R.S1 is the Minister Farrakhan of Hip -Hop. And dig this Acronym ..H (holy) I ( integrated) P (people) …..H (having) O (omni ) P (power) . Ok , Then This Angel (K.R.S1) went all out and gave Birth to the album ”EDUTAINMENT” I was in too deep after that . That album was SO Deep that It should be studied in COLLEGES. K.R.S1 is a angel or? better yet conduit of Allah . No Doubt about It.

  8. brian150blue says:

    KRS-One speaks with? his art!

  9. Mark Lowe says:

    When is? the album droppin?

  10. So? happy for you what a great message also thanks for feedback Krs on my music from @WiseRap

  11. bruce lee roy says:

    this hot check buce lee roy channel out the artist on the page is the next? generation of real Hip Hop

  12. Yeshuah Diliza says:

    Yeah this is beautiful stuff from KRS. Remember KRS ONE coined the term “EDUTAINMENT”. I would personally like to wish KRS ONE much continued success
    in 2013 and beyond. Like you said KRS, “We will be here forever, forever and ever we will be here, get what I am saying” Return of the Boombap 1993.
    KRS ONE has mad support in London, UK.
    I hope all lovers of Conscious Hiphop? can also please check out my tracks on YOUTUBE: “YESHUAH THE 1st” – GOD of the Earth. You will enjoy what you hear.

  13. get the chronic? dood

  14. Lewis Ford says:


  15. TrueDominguez says:

    Personally 0:00 – 2:59.
    my fav? part.

  16. Real shit right here..No one does it like KRS-1…as I write this 15 people dislike informative rap..Sorry!! NO Bling, Bling ,Baller ..stuntin’ 20 inch chinchilla? wearin’, thanks fans for making me RICH why you struggle,useless mind numbing of no mental value,,same ole thing .Not learning a dam thing but how to be materialistic rap……

  17. squareteam88 says:

    This needs? to be in heavy rotation on the radio, but….lol.

  18. metaphysics714 says:

    Wow! Speechless at the new videi,sick? knowledge gonna be on that new album

  19. TheIdontcare444 says:

    I gotta do some shopping, i just have the pills, boots and some matches, I guess I’ll just go into a big store after the disaster and get the shit, don’t wanna spend the cash ,
    (yes for you future repliers I’m being ironic, but if a disaster comes thats what? Im gonna do anyways I know just the one too)


  21. Artcha James says:

    Woooooow. Knowledge. Can’t best KRS!? This is what hip hop is really about

  22. Jay Sizzle says:

    Crazy sick Damn!!!!!!!!!?

  23. an nonyme says:

    le hip hop ou le r.a.p c’est une revendication? du peuple après la musique est un outil et c’est tout !

  24. lil marlo says:

    Everybody commenting about the knowledge he’s kicking? but are any of yall actually doing what h’es saying

  25. DAYUM!!! Another smash by THA TEACHA!!! Thanks? for posting.