Knife Review : SOG Aegis

Knife Review : SOG Aegis

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  1. MrZachpow says:

    this will f up your thumb i hate this? knife waste of money too

  2. Ace Camper says:

    He’s mentioned the Edge Pro Apex, but that is expensive. I like a diamond rod, the one I use is made by? Lansky. $10 – $15

  3. iraped Bambi says:

    you know, he politely said that he? meant nothing offensive by the comment, you dumbass

  4. Koolkid736 says:

    this was made in 2009, you dumbass.? he has thousands of other videos.

  5. please dont take this offensively but i think you need to upgrade your pixel count? cause this was pretty bad quality

  6. SabbathSOG says:

    looks good. Love open? assisted.

  7. nimrod74741 says:

    No? scars on your hands!?

  8. pen knives generally are non locking slip? joints. Call your local PD and ask they should be able to inform you.

  9. Theo Mills says:

    I’ll be getting this? soon thanks to this review

  10. bscutajar says:

    The? law here is that it has to be less than 8cm (3inches) and it has to be a pen knife. Are flick knives considered pen knives?

  11. simon cadiz says:

    what kind of sharpener do you use for? any kind knifes?

  12. carlfloatsmyboat says:

    I’m torn. I can’t decide whether to get the? Aegis or Ontario Rat 1. I like the Rat1 for the
    Price/value but I like the Aegis for its deep pocket clip and light weight.

  13. River German says:

    The lock on this knife is terrible, i can easily close the locked blade using my hands, a couple spine wacks and it will fail, no it will not fail under normal use (i use it in a shipping yard, and it works well) if the lock was not so shitty this knife would? be perfect.

  14. MultiNathanrocks says:

    I just? got a job selling cut co knifes the whole job seems a little too god to be? true I was wondering what you could tell me about that them

  15. luckyluckdragon says:

    Rambo if something happens to? you; it is not my fault. Rambo is the present moment; now that’s something to think about.

  16. outanddoor says:

    Hey I’m New to YouTube and i was wondering if you guys/girls could help me? out by checking out my channel

  17. LOL Aegis loosly means ‘divine protection’?

  18. SirJarred says:

    I have the AE-01, the regular stainless one. I love it. It’s like having a? chef’s knife in my pocket. 🙂

  19. RickyTomatoes says:

    That magnifying? glass….I NEED ONE.

  20. killer4life1000 says:

    Dont they? have a life time warranty?

  21. pballer3232 says:

    LOL yes SOG does stand for studies and observations group but they were a spec ops team in the vietnam war not an equipment company. They were sent in when the U.S didn’t want anyone to know they were there, similar to navy seals exept everything the SOG teams carried was sanitized so if they were ever captured no one would know who they were. They caried a special knife called the SOG Bowie. Once? the group was disbanded a seperate company made a knife company based off the SOG Bowie design.

  22. Piotrek1985 says:

    0:51? Do? you like scissors?

  23. Moby Dick says:

    sweet? knife