KA-BAR USMC Knife Review – Survival Knives

KA-BAR USMC Knife Review - Survival Knives

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  1. John Zook says:

    see if you know what a 120mm was you wouldnt say shit. sof is for? traders.

  2. You do?? Talk is cheap and and I still don’t know what you are on? about. Go back to your old SOF mags…

  3. John Zook says:

    what nothing to say when? i sound like i did more then use a pen and pencil. lol

  4. John Zook says:

    Ok im going to put it like this you were told. I actually served from 97 2008 ruffly. I was never issued this knife my entire career. To add to that my friend was an operator, spec ops sniper never even heard of it? being issued. He like i were issued a bayonet in basic for that particular training. After that you had the option to buy what you wanted. Marine Corp has there own we have ours thanks.

  5. pugilist66 says:

    I see alot of posts by people squabbling over whether this is a combat knife or a survival knife. It’s both!!!? That’s why it’s not THE best at either. It’s a good knife to have in combat and is useful in survival situations. It’s a time-tested, battle proven knife that’ll have your back in any situation that you may find yourself in. There’s no use arguing about it!

  6. mikethenascarfan says:

    It’s a shame that New York’s past was deeply into warfare? and construction of weaponry and tools and now I can’t carry a shoe without a cop stopping me.

  7. mikethenascarfan says:

    Yes sir it is. Ka-bars are issued to U.S. army recruits from? what I have been told from a veteran. Not exactly sure who gets issued them, but they are still in service.

  8. mikethenascarfan says:

    It is a utility knife. Even the marines who go into the mountain warfare school use the Ka-Bar (curving bowls, collecting firewood, processing woods, finding a baton, and making a bow? drill with organic rope) I use this knife often, very durable piece of kit and inheritably resilient because of the saber grind. Not a great carver but very useful considering it is also a combat knife.

  9. jason022593 says:

    I personally own the Kabar Big Brother and the Black Kabar plain edge. I love the kydex sheath that comes with the standard? Kabars, and I wish they’d offer a kydex one for the Big Brother. But I’m sure the demand isn’t high enough to warrant the mass production of the

  10. Zimbopride says:

    This isn’t a survival/utility knife its a combat knife, its designed to be? used against flesh not trees

  11. gmperf425 says:

    I don’t know about now but the kabar has been issued to the US Army in the past. I’m not sure if soldiers are even issued knives anymore, I think they’re free to? carry anything they want.

  12. Right out of Olean,? NY. Hometown hero.

  13. karimhkhan says:

    Could you test out the dustar? It’s used? by the Israeli milatary.

  14. John Zook says:

    lol yup a clerk with a 120mm main gun. sure pall. so i take it as your trolling you? never did anything worth talking about so you have to attack me. bad choice.

  15. “Yet im also getting you didnt serve in the military? either”

    That means what exactly? Sound like you might have served as a clerk..

  16. John Zook says:

    It was used to make a? point. yet im sure you didnt get that. Yet im also getting you didnt serve in the military either. I dont know about canada but at least some still have pride. thanks and have a nice day.

  17. U were discharged from? military service…Big deal….

  18. Tikka Koski says:

    I’m not smart? about knives 1 oz, can you explain to me what that is XD

  19. bigbuddah9 says:

    no you dont go around woods carving? shit wit this knife its a cvombat knife you take to afgan

  20. motovance says:

    that was Bushcraft haha?

  21. PvPMonstar says:

    Nice Mohawk?

  22. ThePoorMansButter says:

    Ka-Bar knives where more? geared toward being a combat/utility knife. Trust me, you dont want a short lil combat knife. You want it? nice and long to go deep and hit fatal organs. And the leather handle has never let me down, but they make a synthetic version that is much MUCH better, doesnt slip, doest wear out, water resistent, All around great knives for my purposes.

  23. FlamingBrownies96 says:

    For camping purposes, about how thick? and how long do you recommend the blade to be?

  24. patycake720 says:

    calm the? fuck down