Ka Bar Bull Dozier Fixed Blade Knife Review

Ka Bar Bull Dozier Fixed Blade Knife Review

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  1. Mr2fierce says:

    Absolutely not kydex sheat?

  2. SavageShooter93 says:

    Oh by the way i really like your sit? down no nonsense style of reviews, I like to get all the info on a knife when i watch a review. and i think you do a great job, thanks for the hard work.

  3. SavageShooter93 says:

    Since you requested I sat down and recorded 3 more reviews/demo’s? and am kinda happy with one so I posted it, I hope you like it and it answers some of your questions on the Lansky Sharpening system

  4. SavageShooter93 says:

    Ive made a few vids but just cant seem to say what I want to say, I will go through them again and pick the best one or re-shoot, tell you what though I? will post it by saturday.

  5. wwwknivestowncom says:

    Hey,? I’m waiting for that Lansky video. What’s the progress?

  6. QualityCompare says:

    Surely you can use the lansky with the Upper clip, since? there is space near the handle where the metal is equally sized, at least there wasn’t any problem with mine lansky honing kit, though take into consideration that your grinding angle maybe inapproppriate if mishandled, that’ll dull the edge very fast.

  7. SignedSign says:

    ..thats not a kydax? sheeth.. thats zytel or some other hard plastic

  8. What is? the best way to sharpen a ka bar knife

  9. cheucklate says:

    “that is a? knife!” Oh the enthusiasm of this video!

  10. Radmann916 says:

    I choose the seal? team elite over this

  11. SavageShooter93 says:

    Ive used the lansky sharpener to sharpen My Katana, Hatchets, and all my knives, Even using some real strong duct tape I resharpened my cold steel spetsnaz shovel. Its extremely versatile if you think outside the box. I am in the process of making a few new vids for my channel and the Lansky deluxe will be part of that new update, Im using a video editing program for the first time, so its taking a while to get used? to it, but I think it will be worth the wait. hope that helps

  12. SavageShooter93 says:

    I have the lansky system and Im sure you could get a grip on the middle? flat to sharpen the main edge, if not just clamp on the spine flat at the handle and angle the sharpener towards the tip, since the blade is 1.615″ wide and the depth of the lansky clamp has just over an inch of purchase area it shouldnt be an issue, that should work for sharpening the top bevel as well, If the clamp bolt is in the way just set the spacer and use vice grips or a c clamp to secure it

  13. iEatKidneys says:

    Kydex and glass? filled nylon are two different things. Just saying.

  14. wwwknivestowncom says:

    Because of the top bevel it would not work? well with a clamp system like Lansky for sharpening either the edge or the top bevel. You can sharpen it with a stone or rods. As for sharpening the top bevel, it would take some work but could certainly be done.

  15. sebbeh1000 says:

    hey, i have a question about the sharpening can you use the lansky shapening system on it? and can you sharpen the uper clip with tha lansky system? sorry? if i spelt something wrong.

  16. pegasus1337 says:

    because most of these knives is made in China now, so if its not made in Taiwan very likely it will say china. Taiwan ISO standards are much higher than china factories.? Regardless of the knife’s material Taiwan has better facilities and workers So actually thank goodness the knife says Taiwan it could have been worse.

  17. Joshua Van Kampen says:

    3/10, made me? reply

  18. squiggofant says:

    Made? in USA isn’t any better.

  19. Joshua Van Kampen says:

    When did I say? I don’t?


  20. pegasus1337 says:

    you should actually prefer its made in? taiwan over china.

  21. 1911FUZE1911 says:

    Its a tool ment for? many things lol

  22. thecutthatneverheals says:

    That’s a brilliant sheath design + Attachment. I don’t love? the knife but I do love the sheath.

  23. SignedSign says:

    lol at carrying a zippo when? out camping, unless ya bring a fuel bottle for it as it always runs out when ya need it the most

  24. SignedSign says:

    I wouldent recommend this for bushcraft.. that false edge on the back would totally ruin a batoon in minutes, and that false edge also reduce? the blade weight so it reduce it chopping potential. blade design is more for stabbing than anything else.

  25. Taiwan is the quality now and they invested billions to get that up to snuff. It’s China you have to worry about like the lead paint you lick in your plastic blinds 😉 Checked this knife out at Cabela’s and thought the handle? might be slippery if wet, but I think I might choose this over the Chinese made Bear Gryllis Ultimate Survival knife and just carry a zippo to make campfires.