How To Use A Pressure Canner

How To Use A Pressure Canner

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  1. Brett Morgan says:

    You should? make another video but cook something in it so we can see first hand. You could fast forward through some parts.

  2. Thank you so much for this video. I knew I should have done a trial run when like “angelataf ‘:the steam sarted coming out around the? rim when I tried canning.
    You made it so clear where to put the lubricant plus I was afraid of tightening the screws down really hard.
    Did a trial run this PM with nothing in canner and only a very small amount of steam escaped around the rim in one spot. Found the nuts will tighten a wee bit more when the canner gets really hot.
    No more escaping steam !

  3. HomesteadingGirl says:

    Absolutely! A lot of people like to cook up a big batch of chili or soup to? can for future meals. You just want to look up a recipe for whatever you’re canning to make sure you get the correct pressure and canning time.

  4. coco200066 says:

    So if you cook the food first, like say you made chili, stew or curry for example, can you? then “can it” so it is ready to eat?

  5. HomesteadingGirl says:

    It shouldn’t leak anything if you have the lid properly in place. Make sure the lid is on evenly all the way around, and? the nuts are screwed down tightly. Are you sure you have an All American Canner? Some of the other brands have a gasket which might need replacing, but it shouldn’t be possible for this canner to leak pressure around the rim if it’s on right.

  6. angelataf says:

    Thank? you for your video! I just bought one of this canner and but I’m so frustrated. I used three times and is still leaking pressure on the rims. Any advice? Thank you

  7. HomesteadingGirl says:

    The beef was browned before canning. Recipes vary? though.

  8. HomesteadingGirl says:

    Tighten the lids well before putting them into the canner. Then make sure they are tight still once you’ve removed them from the canner. Sometimes rings will loosen during the canning process, and they need to be snug to form a tight seal. Your jars won’t explode in the canner ;)?

  9. HomesteadingGirl says:

    It sounds like you overfilled your jars. If they boiled over during the canning process, the seal is probably not good and will not be safe to store. Unfortunately, I’d say you? need to either put your soups in the fridge to eat soon, or can them again leaving more headspace next time. Sorry you had trouble!

  10. HomesteadingGirl says:

    Yes, meats need to be? pressure canned.

  11. HomesteadingGirl says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Yes, it is definitely made? well. It’s as good as the day I bought it, and I expect to be able to pass it on to my children in the same condition one day 🙂

  12. Great video! I just pressure canned some chicken noodle soup (star noodles were put in dry) for the first time and i had problems with it over boiling. Is it? still safe to eat or should I pressure can again?

  13. Jeff Keeler says:

    That looks like a sturdy piece of kit…how has it? held up since you uploaded this video?

  14. healthyfoodstorage says:

    This is a very informative video. Do you use the same method? for canning meats?

  15. rushymoto says:

    How do you tighten the jar lids? Do you do them up? a little while cooking so the air can escape and then do them up tight before they cool down or what? I would not want the glass jars exploding inside.

  16. aurora855 says:

    Did you cook the beef and veggies when you made stew? Or did you? pack everything raw? Thanks.

  17. HomesteadingGirl says:

    Awesome!! Glad? I could help 🙂

  18. Joe Skywatcher says:

    Fantastic video you inspired? my wife to start canning. 🙂
    Thanks . 🙂

  19. HomesteadingGirl says:

    It’s best to eat it within a year, however, it is still safe to eat for several years as long as the seal stays intact. After a? year, the flavor, nutrients, and texture slowly diminish. But we’ve eaten it three years after canning, and it was just as tasty as the first year 🙂

  20. coco200066 says:

    What is the expiration? on those beef stew jars?

  21. Martin R. says:

    nice video with? good info. Thanks.

  22. Thanks? for your time & info

  23. TheSmoosh says:

    What size canner are you using? Are these safe to use on a glass cooktop??

  24. scottflowers73 says:

    Well done?

  25. Oh, their biggest one weighs 33 lbs, so I suppose I can imagine that one getting quite heavy when filled with the water and 32 pint jars.

    Kitchen Krafts says not to use them on flat tops because the bottoms? are not flat. That can’t be right, can it? I think I would see yours wobbling on the counter if the bottom wasn’t true. They would still need to be flat to use on gas or coils, no?