How to Make a Survival Water Filter

How to Make a Survival Water Filter

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  1. LOWROLLER72 says:

    hey may. thanks for the info! i did’nt know that it was called an “egyptian well”. i guess that’s like when u dig a hole at the beach for a sand castle and u get water in the bottom of? the hole. LR

  2. NorthernPrepper12 says:

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  3. Phon Chokechai says:

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  4. FreedomInGodsTruth says:

    I agree with “johnbgroovy”. You are a hottie!! Thanx? for the survival tips..

  5. FourtySven says:

    they have a different intestinal tract, its tougher, meant to handle tougher microbes
    just look at wolves? for example, counsins of dogs,
    they eat raw meat, they kill and eat em
    their body is different, well their gut is very different in terms of what it can handle
    doesnt have your regular andophillus bacteria or whatever you call it

  6. eirikmurito says:

    what? do this filter out? i didnt watch the whole video

  7. johnbgroovy says:

    @yoohoosk8r Amen Bro?

  8. domdomdidity says:

    Informative, thanks.?

  9. yoohoosk8r says:

    i knew everything she showed in the video already, i clicked the vid cuz i saw the thumbnail =P

    I need to find me a girl like this, shes a? keeper

  10. FourtySven says:

    how small are water minerals, i know that viruses can be as small as 200nm(nanometers, billionth of a meter,
    they can be point something microns which is millionth of a meter, anyway
    if i buy a filter with nanometer technology, is it possible it will filter minerals from the? water?

  11. electricfemale says:

    I like? the information you give and you are much fun to listen to also, thanks for sharing all this information.

  12. klmartin1962 says:

    Love your videos. Activated charcoal would work 5 to 6 times better, and you can make it by adding steam to your coals after they have formed in the fire. They have to be at 500 *F or higher when the steam is added. This effectively “activates” your charcoal. Nothing works better for filtering chemical contaminates, and smells. Good job on this video. You made a multi-media filter that? many cities use. If you leave in the sun in clear container, you don’t need to boil. Ultraviolet rays disinfect

  13. michael toth says:

    I could watch and listen to her all day. Sorry Maghan Fox. I have? a new end of the world partner in mind:)

  14. Rory Stewart says:

    you? need twice as much charcoal, if not more, for this to be safe.

  15. Hofman jim says:

    Thanks for taking the time to make the? video.

  16. princesstruth6 says:

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  17. princesstruth6 says:

    Thank you? this is very creative! Good job, very helpful!

  18. deverrefietser says:

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  19. i would add a boiling? session to the end of that.

  20. 9821Joker says:

    Nice field water filter. ? I learned to make a very similar filter in the Military. They work real well.

  21. SuperBick1 says:

    Thank you ?

  22. Holly Lanagan says:

    Hopefully I will never need to use? this but this was very cool. Thanks for teaching me some new, useful things! 🙂

  23. MayeuxMinistries says:

    Dog’s can eat and drink things that would sicken or kill most humans. Never use an animal for a gauge on rather or not something is safe to consume. ?

  24. MayeuxMinistries says:

    boiling this water would help but wouldn’t? be enough

  25. Crustydraw says:

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