How to dehydrate and store food PART 1

How to dehydrate and store food PART 1

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  1. Hear, hear, I also noticed that you are very sanitary. Well done. ?

  2. djwolf193 says:

    can you dehydrate food without having to buy anything i am wanting to living like people did along time ago and live off the land so i don’t want to have to buy anything if i don’t have to could you just put them next to a fire or something like that? (i am builing my own house when i am 18 17 right now)

  3. daniel zandbergen says:

    Dear Dehydrate2store,
    Your video has inspired me so, i started to purchase everything i need to? start last week, and am proud to say i just opened my shiny new excalibur with dehydrated veggies. They turned out perfect. I’m gratefull for your upload and especially the thouroughness on details and hygiene. People like you make a difference in this world. THANK YOU !!

  4. TableWolfMusic says:

    It would breakdown a bit still. But as you say, the cost of oxygen absorbers is something to weigh up, depending on how? long you wish to store the food for (and also how precisely the other aforementioned processes have been accomplished).

  5. Davalyn Black says:

    Thank you so much. Your videos have helped me? sooo much. I appreciate your time and all you have put into these videos. Again, thank you.

  6. Mike Vormwald says:

    In the absense of moisture, dehydrated food does not break down which is precisely why vacuum sealed, dehydrated food remains viable well after 10 years of storage…and stored at the correct temperature as long as 30 years or more!
    More importantly, the food should be managed with proper rotation so it is consumed well within a 10 year time frame.
    I maintain that when vaccum sealing dehydrated foods, oxygen absorbers are unnecessary overkill and? money better spent elsewhere. Just my nichol.

  7. TableWolfMusic says:

    The food breaks down and releases gases. One component of those gases would be oxygen. There is? oxygen in many molecules, gas or otherwise found in the food. For example, the molecules of any compounds ending in “ate” or “ite”, like carbohydrates etc.

  8. TableWolfMusic says:

    The food breaks down and releases gases. One component of those gases would be oxygen. There is oxygen in many molecules, gas or otherwise found in the food. For example, the molecules of any compounds ending in? “ate” or “ite”, like carbohydrates etc.

  9. Mike Vormwald says:

    If there’s no air as in a vacuum, there’s no oxygen so the oxygen absorbers do nothing.?

  10. bryncomeaux says:

    its a compressed? file!!!!

  11. TableWolfMusic says:

    I guess the oxygen absorbers still work to? limit the effects of free radicals which would otherwise naturally occur and possibly remain after the breakdown of anti-oxidants in the plants.

  12. Mike Vormwald says:

    Your videos are very well done. You have very good equipment and procedures and have obviously dehydrated a lot of food. I am confused by one thing. You advocate vacuum sealing sometimes in mylar AND using oxygen absorbers. This would seem to be unnecessary overkill and a waste of money. With no air, the oxygen absorber does nothing and if the seal breaks, the absorber will fail too. Oxygen absorbers are used when vacuum packing? is not possible or practical.

  13. applepiebetty says:

    I agree.


  14. CriticCafeteria says:

    My comment was regarding that you said dehydrated is not fresh, but what I am saying is where she is using fresh fruits and vegetables that? makes a huge difference when you are dehydrating.

  15. applepiebetty says:

    I agree. both in taste and vitamins, but? you can do it.

  16. CriticCafeteria says:

    There is a big difference in dehydrating fresh produce and? not fresh.

  17. CriticCafeteria says:

    This video was? not found on the website, just saying.

  18. applepiebetty says:

    Nawmmbr, Seriously? You use gloves in your own kitchen?
    Dehydrated is not fresh, but good for you anyway. Fresh frozen is not fresh either.
    That said… Very good presentation, and well thought? out and laid out before videoing.
    Nice job.

  19. PlebScrubber says:

    ok that makes sense

    food will store better the fewer germs it? has

  20. StoicObserverS says:

    It is not about? avoiding germs. She is trying to minimize contamination of the foods with natural bacteria and fungi on her skin. That way when she stores the food it will not have any contamination. Please note, she is not worrying about touching the food with her hands when it is raw. That is the same as avoiding breathing on jams and jellies before you cap them. It is simply wisdom.

  21. Neidy Trozeski says:


  22. 7000Taken says:

    love healthy snacks. can cranberries, concord grapes and fruit like these be dehydrated for snacks too?? thanks.

  23. marionetemanJ says:

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  24. PlebScrubber says:

    i very rarely get sick and its not from germ exposure

    theres some bacteria that naturally occurs in a small percentage of humans, and it prevents? most sickness taking hold

    i could look it up but… you can google yourself

  25. Just kinda my? observation, butter-rummmm…..KEY WORDS…..”IN YOUR OWN KITCHEN”. Uhhhhhm, well you see, if it’s her kitchen, I’m thinking she can do as she pleases. DARN! Why do people come to other people’s channels to throw shade! DANG!