Henry US Survival Rifle by SkilledAmateur

Henry US Survival Rifle by SkilledAmateur

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  1. GOETHE1963 says:

    The early one’s seemed kinda cheaply made, but the Henry’s are a quality piece – I’ve had mine for a couple years now. It’s? accurate, and I haven’t had a jam or misfire yet.

  2. beerman1231000 says:

    if you use lead ammo it jams a crap ton. i got one for x mas and the first time i shot it i was useing lead in stead of hallow point. then i switched to hallow point? and it worked fine.

  3. Link Knight says:

    had wild rabbit FRIED? for the first time last night. fantastic. like KFC without the heart attack later.

  4. I see so many people shooting it dry after the last? round. Is that damaging the firing pin?

  5. theAirers says:

    I know that the gun isn’t centered with the stock, its a bit to the right than centered. Im a left? handed shooter and a left handed snob, I get mad when video games dont have left handed shooting capabilities. Your wife (im guessing your wife) is a lefty or at least is in in video, it could be mirrored. How does she like the gun.

  6. jasonthephoneboy says:

    I like the fact you can lock the bolt forward, this can allow for? more powerful single shot, given you have zero loss from blowback. At least I assume that it can be used for that purpose. I want one.

  7. That gun have some serious? accuracy under windspeed

  8. moderndesignworks says:

    Charter Arms is crap, Henry’s version is sooo much better, almost perfect!?

  9. Philip Hertzler says:

    how much? is it? i like it!

  10. Thanks brother for the info. i did sub you God bless? Brother.

  11. SkilledAmateur says:

    Thanks. I can’t stress enough how important it is to start new shooters off with SOLID safety practices as well as “light” calibers. I see too many adults handing other adults hand canons for their 1st shot. They think it is funny to watch. So much for encouraging a new shooter into the sport. Or? worse… unsafe practices that get copied….

  12. arnie observer says:

    Nicely? done video. And your kid has a good safety technique. You’ve taught him right. 🙂

  13. SkilledAmateur says:

    Sorry about the poor audio. I’ve made some major? improvements to my camera mic since then and have yet another upgrade planned.

  14. oilhammer04 says:

    I understand that if you use a remote microphone under your shirt, it will take care of the? wind noise. Good video. Thanks.

  15. SkilledAmateur says:

    Thanks. I’ll be sure? to post more of the type.

  16. This? video is miles ahead of every Nutnfancy video.

  17. energizerwolf says:


  18. xxxM85xxx says:

    Me too. I wear the same hat all? the time. I love my tac lite pros and my atac 8″ storm boots

  19. SkilledAmateur says:

    Yep. I? like 511 gear. 🙂

  20. SkilledAmateur says:

    Thanks. He is? a fine shot and VERY safe as a result. Gotta hammer those fundamentals from day one.

  21. SkilledAmateur says:

    Thanks for noticing. He’s been shooting for a few years and is by far MUCH more safe than many of the “experienced” shooters that show up at the range sometimes. We see unsafe behavior, and we leave. All the shooters in my family are 100% focused on safety.? If they aren’t “in the zone” they stay home. Me included. If I am feelign a little cloudy, I cancel my outing.

  22. SkilledAmateur says:

    That’s a GREAT suggestion and I’ve tried SEVERAL times lately to get out and video that. However, as you notice from my videos, it can get VERY windy here which would make such a video? useless. I PROMISE, I will continue trying to find a calm day and WILL post a video of the quiets in the HSR.

  23. SkilledAmateur says:

    The new Ruger 10/22 breakdown and the Marlin? Papoose are also good for backpacking, survival, food getting.

  24. SkilledAmateur says:

    Just an adjustable knot (prussic type). I will be doing a vid on a WWII style military pup tent and will use those knots in that video. I’ll be sure to go over how to tie them with closeups.? Stay tuned.

  25. yeah. maybey someone will mod one? into DayZ, seeming as thats the most hopeful game for this sort of weapon. games rely far too much on crossbows for “survival” weapons.